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Those who live in villages, urban life seems to be very uncomfortable. The noise, dirt, and smoke, of them there make them shiver.

Those people are accustomed to spreading their lives comfortably, so they feel like they have come abroad. They cannot bear continuous noise there and stay in a state of big stress. But the condition of the person born in the city and the place there are completely different.

Every Morning In City

This crowd and the glory of people gives him constant power. With this, it comes in contact with the people, and it creates a sense of human brotherhood. He is always enthusiastic and feels good with it. Each day brings new problems and conflicts in front of him, and he has to make coordination in such a hurry, for which he has to work a lot.

Life is full of courage, innovation and unexpected on every step. Urban life has its special method. As soon as the morning comes, the voices of the hawks (a bird) and motorboats of the motor vehicles begin to appear. As the day goes on, this noise and stirrings continue to grow.

At Afternoon

When it is noon, there is some peace in the residential areas for a few hours. Noon begins to grow in the afternoon. Children come from schools, and they go to the fields to eat and eat quickly. The office-bearers and laborers of the factories return to tired and nostalgic homes, drink tea and water comfortably and sit in groups and talk and listen to each other.

The snails of the motor cars once again echo in the streets. A crowd of men and women gather at the shops to buy. All the theatres have a crowd of people interested in entertainment, and then gradually this accelerates and falls into the darkness of the night.

Love To Live In Cities

Often people like to live in cities Johnson once said that “When a person gets bored with London, he gets bored only from life.” This is what can be said about all the cities.

There are many reasons for love towards cities. Many people get jobs in cities, and that is why they also bear the losses of cities. There are thousands of businesses in cities.

Luxuries Life

There are all the comforts of modern life, which is not available in our village. Cities have space for every nature and nature of people.

Here the feeling of monotony and apathy (lack of interest) never arises. For all these reasons, people who do not consider cities good are also drawn towards the cities.


Cities are universities for those who want to learn something from experience and observation. Someone has rightly said, “If you want all to know you and you do not know anything, then stay in the village, but if you want to know and no one knows you, then stay in the city.”

The cities people think to live in a clean surrounding. Because of pollution, global warming is affected, and there are fewer primary resources. Were as the surrounding being clean in the village but people think to go to cities to live.

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