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One of the biggest festivals of Christianity, the Christmas festival is celebrated with great pomp. Christian people celebrate this day as the birth anniversary of their God, Jesus Christ.

Why We Celebrate Christmas

The Christmas festival has special significance for the people of Christianity. According to the religious book of Christianity, Jesus Christ was born on the same day from the womb of Mother Mary.

However, different views have been given regarding the birth date of Jesus Christ. Jesus spent his whole life in the well-being and salvation of others and inspired people to follow the right path, he is also known as the liberator and savior of liberating people from suffering.

At the same time, Jesus performed many such miracles, due to which he was not only called the messenger of God but also God, so his birthday was celebrated as Christmas.

How is Christmas Day Celebrated

Preparations for the Christmas festival celebrated on 25 December begin several days in advance. At this festival, special decorations are done in markets and churches. People of Christianity also decorate their homes in a special way and make a variety of dishes.

On this day, Christian people mainly decorate the Christmas tree in their homes. On this occasion, various programs are organized in many places including schools and all educational institutions. On this day people swing to Christmas songs, cut cakes and feed each other cakes and greet the Christmas festival.

Let us tell you that on this day every Christian family has a tradition of making cakes. Special prayers are also held at night in the churches a day before Christmas.

Importance of Christmas

The Christmas festival is also celebrated like any other festival. The holy festival of Christmas is a symbol of love, harmony and mutual brotherhood.

People of Christianity celebrate this festival in a very special way, they gather many days in advance to prepare this festival to celebrate the Christmas festival in a special way. For Christian peoples, this festival is very important.

Importance of Christmas Tree

The tradition of decorating the Christmas tree in a special way on Christmas Day has been going on for many years. On this day, people decorate evergreen trees in a special way. The Christmas tree is considered a symbol of a happy life and continuity of life.

It is said that by decorating the Christmas tree in a special way, the children are aged. Therefore Christmas tree is being decorated on Christmas Day.

Christmas Gifts

It is the tradition of Christian people to distribute gifts and cards among their relatives and friends on this day. People usually give a lot of gifts and chocolates to the children, so children wait for Christmas day very eagerly. All the family members pray to god and apologize for their mistakes in front of Jesus Christ.


Christmas is a festival of joy. This festival not only keeps us in the thread of unity but also serves to dissolve the sweetness in our relationships. At the same time, it fills our mind with a sense of purity and brings positive energy inside us.

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