Child trafficking

Child Trafficking: What Is Child Trafficking, Causes, Corruption

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What is Child trafficking?

India being the developing country there are various type of the illegal practices are done that are child labor, child is taken as the slavery from one country towards the another country, they exploit the small innocent children than they are forced to beg than theft and many more illegal duties are done by the children as they are not aware of this all things. Child trafficking has become the worldwide concern in past few years. There are some of the crude people who remove some of the organs of the children then make the money from them. This has become the more effective cases in India.

Causes of Child trafficking

Save your children from this all the problem of child trafficking there are some of the people who kidnap the children than they take to their place where they exploit them in the bad condition. The 40% of the Indian population can’t give their children the proper resources and same to themselves also because of which they sell thei9r children for some of the money. There are now many NGOs which protect the children.

  • Demand for the girls as the object for the desire:

There is some of the region where the parents think that the sons are the value for the family because they are being to be with their parents only, and the girls are seen like the load of the family after some age they are abuse to be married they think that the girls are those who are going to another home so they are not educated. Some of the parents sell them openly for the purpose of their virginity.

  • Half Education:

As we all know that the “Half education is dangerous to health” and that is really the true fact. As the poor cannot educate their children properly, then the children see their children the labor proportion. This is the condition was 8.33 lakh children are trapped in child labor in India.

  • Caste discrimination:

Between the problems of child trafficking, the main purpose of this problem is also the caste discrimination, the problem for urban India is that they are really fighting for the reservation in the society, it is not surprising that the low-class families being concerned and bullied into selling the children.

  • Corruption in India:

We always see or read in the newspaper about the fact of the corruption in India increasing day by day, all the people who are surrounding us are also the corrupted people in the world this is also trigging the problem of the child trafficking in the regions. Now we see that there are some of the people who become rich overnight by committing crimes and the corruption in India.

Types of Child Trafficking

  • Sexual Exploitation

When the girls are transferred from one country towards the next country the virginity of the girls are been sold. There are many of the children which are sexually transmitted for the purpose of earning the money. 1.8 million, children are trapped under this condition.

  • Violence by the children 

Children are forced to do the illegal work and the death are occur of the innocent persons they are trained very well for this all the work and they become the expert in this field. They really don’t know what is right and wrong this is the main advantages taken by the people who make them work.

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