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 The time of childhood, it’s time for giving children’s education. In the same way, it is time for children to play. But there would have been some children whose luck does not get an opportunity to know all these things.

At the age of which in their hands should have books and toys, but they have to pick up stones, garbage. Even today this serious problem like child labor is not taking the name of being low in our country.

Importance Of Children’s

If anything is most precious in any country, then it is the children of that country, because, in the future, only children have to run the country. If the children of the country are safe today, then tomorrow the society will also be safe. Children are the flowers of our country. That is why it is the duty of all of us that we should preserve these flowers first.

The Problem Of Child Labor

Child labor is a social and economic problem. Child labor is not a new problem in a big country like India. From very old time, children help in their household work, sometimes they work in the fields with their family members.

Ever since the first factory was built in the 19th century, the problem of child labor was becoming bigger as a crisis in front of everyone. Nature has made the most beautiful and loving thing in the world that is a child.

But due to the poor conditions, even a small and innocent child has to work for its needs. Since childhood, they have to work to run a house, so because of that their intellectual and mental development is not possible. Due to this, there is a big loss of the nation in the future.

Why Child Labor Take Place

Many children soon get to work because in rural areas there is no school around them and they feel that it is better to do a good job than sitting empty.

  • Due to the parents of most children being illiterate, child labor is also increasing.
  • The children who work, their parents also do not consider child labor wrong.
  • Younger children have to do more work than older people.
  • Poverty is the biggest reason for increasing child labor.

How To Stop Child Labor?

In a way, child labor is financially unhealthy, mentally destructive and morally wrong. Child labor should be strictly banned. If all people become financially and socially competent, then child labor will automatically end.

Due to high poverty in our country, child labor is taking serious forms. If the society is made economically and socially competent then only the problem of child labor will be eradicated from the root.

In order to protect working children, many rules and laws have been made by the government. 14 such laws have been made in our country, due to which provision has been made for the protection of working children.


The problem of child labor is getting very fierce in the form of time. If this problem is not solved on time, then the future of the entire country could be in crisis.

Updated: March 18, 2020 — 11:05 am

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