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In India education for a girl is very important because if the girl is educated then the full family will be educated. Girls have this quality to share their knowledge with their friends and family.

Population in India

If we talk about India it is the second-largest populated country in the world. The number of girls who are educated in India is very low if people don’t understand that being in a country that has a great population.

Everyone should be educated because even the government wants people to get the benefits of the schemas which the government has started. An for that the people should be educated and mostly the girls because they are the ones who take care of the whole family.

Girl Education Free

In India, education for girls is free in government schools and colleges. Girls can get the education for free over there and the government also makes some options for the job so that ones the girls are ready they can use their knowledge for their betterment.

Old India

In the olden days, girls were not allowed to go out for anything. They have to stay at home and whatever they want they have to be dependent on the other men’s in the house.

Now you can imagine how the Indian girls have managed all these years and later when people understood that it is very important for a girl to be educated because if she does matter in the future.

Rules Break

In India, there are so many rules for the girls and in the olden days, everyone uses to follow these rules without even knowing the reason. Well, today also there are people who want that girls should follow this kind of rules. But thanks to education now people know that what they have to be live and what not to be live.

Today even the girls have the right to ask the question. If they feel something wrong and it is there right to ask. No one will tell them what to do and what not to do. If the girl is above 18 she has all the right to ask any question to anyone.

An Option’s For Girls

Nowadays there are so many options in India for girls. They have all the freedom to select their carrier options. An even if they want something different for their carrier it is okay for everyone.

Or if you see this same thing in the past you can understand that all these rights which the girls are getting now were not even there for any girl in the past. They were forced to sit at home and manage the house. They were not allowed to go out for studying or a job.

But today India has updated all the rights in which a boy has everything. The same is given to the girls it can be studying or a job. Today girls are equal to the boys.

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Updated: January 13, 2020 — 1:57 pm

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