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Child abuse is the world’s biggest problem which has no solution till now. The word abuse means the improper use of anything and the word child abuse means misuse of children’s by any individual a group or an organization for there profit and fun.

Child abuse is illegal and has the biggest threat to small children, as small children can be misused very easily as they have no experience or knowledge of the external world.

Child abuse does not only take place outside the house. It also takes place inside the house by anyone.

Types Of Child Abuse 

There are different types of Child Abuse. But the World Health Organisation has termed four types of child abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse.

Physical abuse it means the misuse of the child physically, physical abuse is an act that results in physical injury, and it is nonaccidental this usually happens when an individual is tempered and remove his frustration on that child by beating him with hands or any other object.

Psychological abuse is about playing with the brain of a child that making him feel that he is useless and making him ashamed of himself or threatening him with physical violence or to speak with him or another individual in front of him using violent words.

Emotional child abuse is similar to psychological abuse here it’s about playing with the emotions of the child that is making him feel sad or unhappy by insulting him or threatening him.

Child sexual abuse is in which an adult or older adolescence for stimulation of sex it also refers to the child participation in a sexual act for fun or financial profit by an individual or an organization

Causes Of Child Abuse

Child abuse can take place due to some factors the main factor is about the abuse by parents because they also have been abused during their childhood.

It also takes place due to the family as they always conflict and have domestic violence and also due to unemployment causing financial stress, the abusive family is isolated from the society community due to which day take less participation in the social activities. It also depends upon the environment in which the child is present.

Effects Of Child Abuse 

Child abuse has an adverse effect on the child mental emotional and physical body it also affects the development of the child.

Child abuse decreases the lifespan of a child as the child has no desire to living his life because of the environment around him and the behavior of an individual or society for him.

Child abuse also changes the living lifestyle of the child as he is always and tremendous pressure or feeling sad. It also affects the view of a child towards the world or society because of the things happening with him.

It also degrades the self-confidence of the child and makes him think that he is useless and cannot and does not have the power of taking decisions.

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