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Chess is a game which is played on board and mostly played by two players only. Chess is consisted an of 8 by 8 grid of square means total 64 squares that are played between two players.

In chess, both the players have their own pieces that are one player has white pieces and the other players have white pieces and the player who has white pieces played its first move.

In chess, there is total of sixteen pieces and both the players have the equal number of pieces at the start of the game.

The pieces are one king, one queen, two rooks, two Bishops, two Knights, and eight pawns. Every piece of has it’s unique move. The whole game is about right moves at right time.

There are also many mental tricks used in these game such as finding the probability of which move the opponent might play on your current move.

To win the game you have to remove the king of your opponent from the board by a move called checkmate.

History and Rules of Chess

Chess has been played from the past and it was discovered in the 6th century in India. At the time in the 6th century when the chess was discovered it was given a different name called chaturanga.

This Chaturanga was played with four players at that time for playing dice was rolled to which the piece moves.

At that time there were many different rules that have been played by the people but later on, this game was adopted by the persons and they named it as Shatranj.

This game was growing in Rapid form and strategies and different rules are developing for this game. For the rules of these chess game as the white start first and it has the advantage of winning also but as he played first the black has the advantage to know the move and he can also attack the move of white.

For winning the player has to remove all the pieces or they can also remove a king of the opponent. A player can remove a piece of the opponent by placing its piece on that square removing of pieces of the opponent is not compulsory.

Sometimes While removing the piece of opponent you might lose your own piece so you have to decide how to remove the piece of the opponent. Chess is a full-brained game and full of strategy needed to win a game.

For placing the pieces on the board it has some patterns for it as the eights pawns are kept on the first row defending the other pieces and in the second row the rook, knight, bishop, Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, rook are been placed in a pattern.

There is also a rule that should be noted that the queen should be kept on its color square only that is if queen is white it should be kept on white square and black queen on black square and there are also some rules of placing the kings of both the players that it should not be on the same column that is the opponent’s king should not be facing your King it should be facing your queen and by these rules the game of chess is played.

A Game of Chess

As we know chess has been played between the two players and in this, they have a time limit to play every move and player has to play its move in that time limit only.

There are also many moves to defeat opponents such as 4 step checkmate 16 step checkmate and many other moves to win against the opponent.

This is also played in National level and also it is played in international level also from India our Indian chess player Vishwanath Anand has made many records and has won many games against many countries in international level.

Chess has become a popular game in India and it can be also played for making your brain working at his best as playing chess improve the ability to take decisions, quality learning, analytical power.

It also helps in improving self-confidence. It also helps in improving your concentration and focusing. It is also a very good memory game.

So it is a very much popular game all over the world and most people play chess when they get some free time as it can help to fresh their minds.

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