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Essay Causes Of Air Pollution For Students In Easy Words – Read Here

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Air pollution is a dangerous situation present on the earth in which there is a presence of various polluted material or toxic materials in the air which is very harmful to the environment present on earth and also for the living things living on the earth as consumption of Housefull at is very dangerous for their health and also for the life.

There is a huge effect of air pollution, and there is an increase in global warming on the earth which has increased the temperature of a to a greater extent and also has disturbed the environment on earth which is very bad for the life on earth. Air pollution is a major issue, and it needs to be solved but it is very hard and time taking process as air pollution takes place every day and it cannot be stopped in any way as people use the vehicles for traveling from one place to another which causes pollution and also refractories which are for the development of the country they also create a huge pollution which is dangerous for the air and also for the living thing on earth.

Natural Causes

There are various causes of air pollution, but there are also some natural causes which cannot stop at any extent as this causes are created by the natural environment present on the earth which is very hard to stop. The very common natural cause of air pollution is the volcanic eruption in which the volcano throughout various harmful substances in the air like Sulphur Dioxide which creates the air polluted and causes the harmful effect on the life present on the earth.

The forest fires are another common causes of air pollution which are caused due to the friction present between the trees due to which forest fire takes place and which burns the whole forest and creates a lot of smoke in the air which consists of various harmful gases like carbon and various other gases. The increase in methane in the air which is caused due to the animals release Methane into the atmosphere from the digestive cycles which have and harmful effect on the Ozone Layer present in the atmosphere.

Human Causes

Air Pollution

There are also various man-made causes of air pollution in which one of the common cause is the smoke and toxic gas released from the factories which are used for the production of various things and their also contribute huge amount to the cause of air pollution as it has seen that the pollution has increased to a greater extent from the industrial revolution.

After the industrial revolution there is also being a various revolution in the automobile industry nowadays there a huge number of automobiles, and every day there is the number of automobiles on the road which burns many fossil fuels which creates air pollution. Nowadays there is also various machinery which creates and pollution in the air, for example, The generator which releases a huge number of carbon in the air and creates the air polluted.

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