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What Are Carbon Footprints, Cause, Effects & Solution

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The harmful gases which are produced by humans directly or indirectly due to some kind of human activities are expressed in tons of Carbon dioxide.

The gases released from the vehicles, industry, bone fire, House gas released, coal emission all are the forms of carbon dioxide.

The schedule will show the release of the fuel emission:

fuel type unit  CO2 emitted per unit 
Petrol 1 gallon (UK) 10.4 kg
Petrol  1 liter 2.3 kg
Gasoline  1 gallon (USA) 8.7 kg
Gasoline 1 liter 2.3 kg
Diesel 1 gallon (UK) 12.2 kg
Diesel  1 gallon (USA) 9.95 kg
Diesel  1 liter 2.7 kg
Oil (heating)  1 gallon (UK) 13.6 kg
Oil (heating) 1 gallon (USA) 11.26 kg
Oil (heating) 1 liter 3 kg

This carbon dioxide is also called the greenhouse gas causing global warming in the world. This greenhouse gas is normally taken into the account for the carbon footprints.

Causes of the carbon footprints

There are various causes of carbon dioxide emission, but from this, some of the problems which we can reduce to save our planet earth are as follows:

  • Driving the vehicles

As the transport system is very useful for the people for their daily work but it is only convenient for traveling the long distance across but the people use their bike to go to the shop which is nearby only. They never think of nature. As every 7 miles, we travel using public transport and the 1.375 miles we travel on the air all about 1 kg of the carbon dioxide is emitted into the air. We should reduce the use of the transport for the silly purpose will reduce the carbon emission. If we can go by walking than we should go.

  • Use of the home appliance

Only the use of the transport not only causes the emission but also the use of the household appliance emits the carbon footprints into the air that is the electricity, coal, gas and also the use of the oil emits the rate of the carbon dioxide into the air. Simply decreasing the silly usage of the home appliance will help to reduce the carbon footprints.

Effects of the carbon footprints

  • Changes in the climate

Due to the increase in the greenhouse gases the rate of the carbon dioxide in the air is also increased. In a1990 to 2005 the emission was 31 percent. The rate is now more because of which the decade happened that is from 2000 to 2009 it was the warmest decade which was recorded worldwide. Due to this, the climate varies today.

The decrease in the resources

There are many of the problems caused due to the carbon emission, due to the deforestation activities and also due to the homes increased in the air conditioning and also due to the pollution made by the house and the vehicles. Resources such as the forest, potable water are reducing rapidly. So save the resource and plant the trees as much as possible.

Some of the solution to the carbon footprint

  1. Use of public transport should be less for the reduction of carbon dioxide. Go by walking or biking anywhere within two miles.
  2. Minimize food wastage at home by making more food or by planning out meals ahead of time and freezing as much as possible.
  3. Reduce water use as much you can.
  4. Compost your food waste into organic materials.
  5. Recycle and reuse the goods which are possible.
  6. Use the standby power consumption by taking the zero volt challenge.
  7. Minimize the purchase of new products that are heavily packaged with the unused materials.

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