Essay On Car For Students & Children In Simple English


A car is a mechanical vehicle which is used for traveling from one place to another place. Eka consists of four-wheel in which two ways are in the front and two visa in the back in which the back wheel is given power due to which the car moves in the front.

It is also saying that the ka Mool with the help of various fossil fuels like petrol and diesel but nowadays new technology or brought in which is the car runs on electricity and also research on various other fuels that can be used in the car as a fuel

Everyone loves a car but it is very expensive to own a car, but nowadays there are used number of car owners and also there are used number of cars on the road due to which most everyone has taken a ride on car, but there are some people in the world who have not even touched a car because of poverty, and they didn’t get any chance to move into a car and get a small ride.


There are various advantages of having and the car that is you can go on the long drive without any problem as you own a car and you can drive it that is you can go anywhere using your car as there is no restriction on traveling through a personal car on any Road.

Most of the plan is canceled when there is a no mode of transportation but you all of your program never gets canceled and you just move to your car to enjoy your vacations or your day.

The car also provides various protection from the accident as when you are in the car is a strong thing which does not damage you it also has various safety system like seat belt and the Arabic system which open up during the accident and says you from getting hurt.

Weather if you would have been on a two-wheeler that is a bike you have my injured very dangerously which had an adverse effect on your life. Please also see that driving a car is comfortable and also sitting in a car is comfortable as it gives you a feeling that you are in a home and just sitting on a chair.


There are various disadvantages of car as due to its huge size it always gets stuck in the small roads and also in the traffic which makes the journey very boring and also it takes very much time to travel from one place to another in a car rather than in a two-wheeler you can just cross the traffic and go through the small rules and just visit anywhere easily.

Another disadvantage of having a car is that you cannot Park it any way you have to search special parking for IIT Which wastage most of all time and sometimes there are places which don’t have a car parking, so it is impossible for you to go there by taking your car.

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