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The camel is a very beautiful animal most of the kids love to see a camel. Camel is known for its patience and it also can run very easily in the desert region. People use Tamil for their ride in deserts.

Desert Ship

Camel’s a beautiful animal in and it is also known as the ship of the desert. Send this name for a camel is not appropriate but the work of the camel is actually like that she in the desert. Camels can walk in the desert without any problem.

They can store their food in the stomach and also a very good amount of water into it which helps them to survive in the desert. Camels can carry heavy load stuff also this is the reason that people use camel in the desert region. The transportation in the desert region is done with the help of the camels.

Camel Race

Enterprise attrition there is a very popular game. Which is known as the camel race in this game all the participants should at least of their own. The price on this game is a very good amount every participant needs to enroll them with enrolment fees. It is the kind of entertainment for the people who live in the desert region.

The people who live in the desert region are very much disconnected from the city areas. They have to find some way to entertain themselves this is also one of the most important reasons of camel race. The person who wins the camel race gets a good amount of money plus as the camel is the champion for the entire year.

Tourist People

The people who come to watch the desert region always love to ride a camel. Tourists love to ride a camel and to walk in the desert the camel is the first choice of any tourist. The transportation through camel is a bit costly then the local transportation we have seen in the cities.

Well, this is because the transportation which is done in the cities is done with the help of the vehicles but here the transportation which is done is done with the help of the camel. As the camel is a living being it needs food shelter and proper medication to survive so this is the reason that the camera is a bit costly than the local transportation.

Family Business

In the desert region, there are families whose whole economy runs on the camel. The camels are the only way to survive in the desert region for some families. One day rent their camels to the tourist or to the local citizens of their country in the desert and charge for their living.

Once they return the camel they have to pay the rent which is being told by the concerned person. In this way, there are so many families who just live on this kind of friends from the camel. This is a very popular business in the desert region.

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