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Kids mostly like butterflies because they are very beautiful insects have ever seen. A butterfly is a flying insect who usually flies in the day.

Butterflies evolve from the moths are they closely related to each other. Butterflies are the insects that are mostly attracted by the flowers butterflies are colorful and they also attract the flowers which are colorful and always there life they are mostly seen on flowers.

Before butterflies they are in the form of caterpillars and when they are Caterpillar they don’t do anything and they cannot even fly they stick only at leaves and eat them and after eating they at last developed into a beautiful butterfly.

Another main thing for which the butterflies are famous for is for their different – different colors, wings, and their different patterns. Kids mostly like the different colors and patterns of butterflies.

Butterflies Found

Butterflies are those insects which like to fly and always to visit different places, they like mostly colorful things as like them and there are many different types of butterflies with different types of Shades and beautiful colors they always visit different places and like to sit on them.

We can find butterfly anytime at any place mostly they are found in the morning on somewhere flowers they like to sit on flowers. Kids like Butterfly because of their color and different types of patterns they have as every small child like Butterfly as a beautiful insect to see.

People and small child also like to catch butterflies and to keep them in a bottle as their pet and to see them always flying.

Butterflies can be mostly found in the rainy season where there are rain and greenery all over, butterfly-like those areas and they mostly be seen in the rainy and the spring season and butterflies avoid winter season and because of this, they migrate.

When they are flying they create a different environment as people like to see butterfly flying they can be found in the garden and mostly the places where there are more colorful things.

Formation Of A Butterfly

Butterflies are those insects which do not harm others they only like to spread happiness and a smile amongst the people. There are about 28,000 species of butterfly present.

Butterflies have wings through which they fly and because of this they can fly so much high and the butterflies can fly about 30 miles per hour.

Mostly butterflies got their name as when people churned the milk into butter mostly these butterfly like this and they attracted towards it and from them, they became as butter and these are the insect that can fly and all together they make a butterfly.

Butterfly changes four times in his life as when it is an egg at stage one then it becomes Caterpillar at stage two and stage three is then when it becomes a pupa and the last stage four is a butterfly. When the Caterpillar turns into a butterfly it shed it’s skin and formed into a butterfly. So butterflies are the most beautiful things and kids like so much and like to play with them.

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