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The business has two parts- Industry and Commerce. Where the work of industries ends, the work of commerce begins. The industries are produced in the industries. It is commerce to deliver these items to consumers. In this way, all activities involving the production from the production site and the consumer for the consumer are included in the commerce.

Link Of Consumer And Producer

Thus there is a link between the commerce producer and the consumer. For example, if a company makes soap. So many companies have to edit many actions until the company’s soap arrives in the bathroom.

Such people give information about it, collecting soap, packing, transporting, managing retail sales, selling soap, all these activities come under commerce. Hence, in the commerce, Purchasing and selling goods and services and Necessary actions to maintain the smooth flow of goods and services without interruption to the consumer site from the production site.


The first act, namely, the purchase and sale of goods and services is called trade and the second action, i.e., ensuring the smooth flow of goods and services to consumers, is called ‘trade aids’ or trade-supplementary actions. Therefore commerce can be divided into the following categories:

Business Auxiliary Activities


Business is an integral part of commerce. The purchasing and selling of items for the mutual benefit of the buyer and the seller in the business is the main function. It involves the transfer or exchange of goods and services.

For those who produce goods and services in large quantities, it is difficult to sell them directly to consumers. There are many kinds of problems in this – the distance of the consumer from the production place of the Jana, the consumer needs at least the amount of time, the problem of payment, etc.

The Medium Of Money

The medium of business is the currency as the vendor provides the object and instead receives the coin from the purchaser.

The goods or services must be in the purchase or sale of products or services.

Benefit – is done to earn business benefits.

Types Of Business

Based on the operation, the business can be classified into two parts – (a) Internal trade, and (b) external trade.

Internal Trade

When the business is within the geographical boundaries of a country, which is called an internal trade. This means that both purchasing and selling are happening within the same country.

For example, a businessman can buy a lot of woolen garments from the makers of Ludhiana and sell them to small sellers in Delhi. Similarly, a trader from the village sells the village people/consumers in small amounts by purchasing goods from the market or by buying products from the city market. With these two examples, it is clear that internal trade can be of two types

External Trade

Trade between traders in different countries is called foreign trade. In other words, international trade is the purchase or sale of goods/services outside the boundaries of a nation.

Business Auxiliary Activities

Many actions and means are taken in the business. If these resources are not used then the existence of business will be in crisis. That is why these are called as auxiliaries of the company.

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