Disadvantages Of Books

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A book is a very important part of every human being. Without books, no one can learn anything because the experience and the knowledge which we need to gather at a single place is only possible with the help of books.

Ancient History

In ancient times the people were not having the option to write that information in the books so they used to use the stones to write the information and pass to the next generation. It was very hard to write all the information on stones to pass the knowledge to the next generation. Later on when the people understood that it is very hard and we need some other alternative to write to information and share it with others then they started writing the information on a piece of cloth and started sharing it with the next generation.

This new kind of started functioning information but later on this was also became a problem to the human being that the ink which they used to write on the cloth used to get fade away and the information they store they have to rewrite the information again and again on a new cloth so that the information could never destroy from any point of time.

Information on Books

After so many problems which are faced by the human being to share their knowledge, they came to a decision to share the knowledge with the help of papers binding it into a book. Because it was the only thing that was not getting fade away and it was reliable for many years to survive there was no need to update it for a very long time.

After a certain period of time we need to do the up-gradation but working on the book was much easier than writing on the stone block or anything else. After the humans understood the importance and the facilities given by the help of the book they started writing all the information on the books and sharing it with each and every.

 Donation of Books   

There are so many people who want to do some kind of donation to society and they are very much unaware of the way to do so. But when they get a chance to donate something in the terms by whatever they wish to but donating food, water, and money to someone will be there for a certain period of time but if you donate books to a child he or she can use that in order to learn.

With the help of that book, we can write down all the information in one place and use that book for a very long time.

Importance of Books 

Even after the technology has come into existence today also the books of different too much can be any kind of book a novel school textbook a dictionary anything still the books is very valuable for 50 a.m. and p.m. because the knowledge which can you get two hours no one else can give it

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