Essay On Blood Donation For Students & Children In Simple English

The blood donation process is useful process that has been done by any people as it can save the lives of many people and it is a great work when people donate their blood, and it is done when a person is in need of blood immediately and they did it by the process of transfusion and by some medical process into the other person body and the blood mostly found direct in the blood bank.

Donating the blood does not cause any harm to any one. It does not cause any harm to the adults. Donation of the blood is a big contribution to the world by the people in their whole life.

A human can donate at least a small amount of blood as the donated blood can be regenerated into their body after some time.

It causes some blood loss from the body, but it does not cause any problems for our body. There is a blood donation day celebrated every year on 14th of June. The people who donate their blood gets huge respect for them in their society.

Importance Of Blood Donation

Blood donation is mostly done when there is a need of blood for the people, and it can be done by a family member as there is blood group which needs to be same for the transfusion of the blood into another person body who is needing it.

Some people donate blood for a charity and their donated blood directly goes to the blood bank and are kept for the patient who is not getting the similar blood type and by this, the doctors could able to give the patient blood by taking it from the blood bank.

If a person is met with an accident and lost a lot of blood, he probably needs the blood. There are different types of blood groups such as blood group A, B, AB, and O.

These blood groups also have positive and negative blood groups in them. Blood group like O and AB are the blood groups that are hardly found. If we donate blood so it can easy to find these blood groups.

When a person met with an accident he or she will need the same blood group of which type they are, means if a person is of blood group B positive then he will only need the same blood group B positive otherwise he will die. There are all types of blood group stored in blood banks for the instant requirement.

Blood Donation Camps

There are many blood donation camp that are organised by every country and also it is very necessary for organising these blood camos as many people donate  blood which is very useful for the patient and donating blood is very good thing for the people as new blood comes after some time in their body and because of this they could be able to feel fresh and be healthy.

In this camp, people can donate their blood on a regular basis and the blood transferred to the blood bank immediately, and it can save a life as soon as possible.

Mostly in every school’s colleges and some of the localities, these blood camps are organized.

Donating the blood give us the honorable respect in our society and it also gives us the great satisfaction to us which is the biggest thing for us.

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