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A birthday party is a party to celebrate the anniversary of someone’s birth. A birthday party is an important function these days and it is celebrated with fun and enjoyment.

Relatives, neighbors, and friends are invited to take part in this function. People eagerly wait for their birthdays, nowadays everyone puts countdown status on WhatsApp & Facebook from a month prior.

Children are excited as their birthday date comes closer.

How To Plan A Birthday Party?

Start Planning Your Party at Least 2 Weeks Before

To plan a birthday party it takes a lot of time and focuses to get every detail covered. First of all, you must decide where you will have the party, maybe a clubhouse, restaurant or at your own home.

After deciding then there are several other steps you must take in order for your party to get successful.

See Whom You Are Inviting

Make a list of the people who will be attending, make a list of everyone you want to invite and do not forget their family members who may come with them.  Keep a theme for your birthday party, it’s quite attractive.

Set a Budget

Decide what types of activities or games will be part of the party’s agenda, then buy or make any necessary supplies. Parties can easily consume a great deal of money, so before planning the party decides the budget.

Having a number of guests in mind enables you to determine how much food and drink will need to be provided, so according to that, you need to buy things.

Other Important Things For The Birthday Party

Send invitations. Be sure to include the party’s timing, your phone number, directions to the party location, and the party’s theme.

Also don’t forget about the return gifts, especially for children.

Food & Beverage

The most important for the birthday party is the birthday cake, the order for the birthday cake should be given at least 2 days before and also look after the cake shop delivers the cake on time. Make sure that you plan for enough food and drink for the guests.

In Beverage Keep Drinks, Mocktails, Juices, Etc.

Keep a variety of starters that should be veg & non-veg both. People eat a lot of starters while having drinks, even children love starters, so make sure that there are enough starters available.

Also, Keep Snacks For Time Pass.

People usually full their stomachs after having starters and juices, so keep the limited main course. Keeping a lot of main courses in the party may end with food wastage.


In many birthday parties, food becomes excess and remains unused. Instead of wasting it, donate it to the needy. Many poor people do not even get a one-time meal, by giving them the food left from the party we can help them.

Sharing is Caring, Even share your birthday cake with poor children’s, give a smile on their face. On your birthday you can visit NGOs or orphanage and share your cake with them also distribute gifts to them.

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Updated: March 7, 2020 — 10:50 am

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