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India is a beautiful country. India is a land of forest and trees, hill and valleys, river, marshes, and canals, wide open meadows. India has a moderate climate-neither too hot nor too sold. So this land is a happy abode of different kinds of birds. We sleep at night and rise early in the morning hearing the songs of different birds. Birds have increased the beauty of our country.

Different Types

In India, there are different types of birds. They are different in color, size, and habit and also eat different kinds of foods. Some birds eat fish and flesh; some live on worms and insects. Some bird eats different kinds of fruits and grains. Some on filth and garbage. Birds are divided into many classes. They are teasing birds, songbirds, rapacious birds, game birds, migratory birds, and tailorbirds.

Teasing Birds 

Kites and crow are teasing birds. In India crow is the very common bird and it is very clever. It takes away his steals food and other small things from our kitchen and the hands of babies and it, looks so ugly, but it is very useful. It fed on dead animals and dirty things. It has a harsh v voice. The kite also steals away chickens, fish, and pieces of flesh.


In India, there are many songbirds. The most popular songbirds are cuckoo. It comes to our country at the beginning of spring, small boys and girls try to imitate a cuckoo when it sings. It hides behind leaves. The does the schema, the keel, and the baukathakeo. The nightingale is well-known songs for birds. Peacock is our national bird.

Talking Birds 

Some of the e.g. of talking birds are a parrot, Ramayana, Chandana, cockatoo and the martin and they are famous for their sweet voice, and they talk like human beings if they are trained.

The Gamebirds

In India, there are many games birds, and they are famous for their tasty flesh. The known game birds are the partridge, dove, pigeon, and bittern.


The earliest known fossil comes from the tiaojishan Formation, which has been dated to the late Jurassic period about 160 million years ago. The species which roam during this period include anchiorni huxleyi and auroras xii.

From Germany the well-known early avialan, Archaeopteryx, dated from slightly later Jurassic rock about 155 million years old. These creatures included enlarged claws on the second toe which may have been held clear to the ground in life. Many of these early avialans shared unusual anatomical features that may be ancestral to modern birds but were later lost during bird evolution.


Birds are beautiful and serene. Birds add beauty to the surrounding. Birds eat many dirty things and keep the environment clean. Therefore we should not kill birds at random, and we should take proper care of them. Bird reserves should be created to preserve their homes.

The places where migratory birds come should be protected; it is a great tourist attraction. Over Fishing should be controlled as many birds thrive on fish.

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