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Bhrashtachar Essay For Students in Easy Words – Read Here

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Bhrashtachar chain is a very big problem in India. The India is facing so many critical issues just because of this word Bhrashtachar and the government is trying to find out some solution to get rid of this problem and take the country to a developing to developed country.

India’s Economy

According to a calculation India’s economy is getting rising day by day because India is trying to get rid of its very big problem which is known as Bhrashtachar. Bhrashtachar is also known as corruption when the words are different but the meaning is the same. So you say any of this thing it means the same, the government is trying its best to find all the corruption money and use it for the economy of India’s growth.

Poverty Problems in India

In India there are one fourth of the population in the below power, all of them are facing some or the other issue just because they are not able to afford the proper medication and take care of themselves. Why this does happens and who is responsible for this? Well it happens just because there are lack of medicines and the medicines which are present they are too costly for a common man to purchase.

A common man thinks that buying the medicine is better than buying food so they prefers to buy food rather buying medicine, because the cost of the medicines are too high and they don’t want to die with hunger.

Who is Responsible for the Situation?

Now let’s talk about who is responsible for all these problems, is the government responsible for all these problems, are the common man who is not able to afford the proper medication for himself, who is responsible for all the situations which we see in India.

Well we would like to inform you that there is the mistake of the people who are not ready to pay their taxes. According to a survey only 4% of people in India are the regular tax payers and rest of them are hiding their income just because they do not need to pay taxes to the government.

Now just think the people who are not paying the taxes are hiding their money through some or the other way but hiding the money from the government is doing cheating with the country. Because if you do not pay the tax on time you are responsible for whatever happens next disaster situation in the country.

British Rule

India was the country who was ruled by British and before that it was ruled by the moguls. India fought against all this situation was for more than 2 to 300 years but did not give up. But today after getting the freedom from the Britishers and living in a democratic country we are on route by the corruption in every part of the country where corruption is introduced its just the way you find it but you can find the corruption everywhere in the country.

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