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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder this proverb is said as beauty is a thing which is understood only by the people who observe by their own way and all people of the world have their own type of beauty in anything.

There are many things which are beautiful in surroundings and to observe these beautiful things it is only in the eye of the person who sees it as their own way and every person differ in the beauty.

Mostly the best beautiful thing a person can see is the natural surroundings that he can see every day and find some beauty in it such as people find beauty in some small things and also they find beauty in some large things such as people find beauty in the small things of the nature such as a flower but it can differ from one another as one person likes it and the other person doesn’t like it.

So by this, the beauty lies in the eye of the beholder as some see beauty in flower and some people don’t see and it is only in their own way.

Beauty in Nature.

We can say that nature is the most beautiful thing that a God has been gifted to us and there are many beautiful things that are present in our nature that peoples love to see these beautiful things are also been distributed in the eyes of the people as an example there are many creatures and animals that are present in our nature some people like to keep them as their pet but some like to hit animals and also kill them they did not see any beauty in the animals and some people to protect as they see beauty in them as it can differ between one another.

Because of the beauty differences in the eye of many people, there are many problems that have been created in present world such as only good looking people are allowed to participate in all the fashionable things and they are been respected more.

Many discrimination problems are being done by the people. It has done a major effect on society.

The mindset of people in society should be changed and they should get beauty only in one thing and not differ their beauty as by this they could be able to live properly in society.

Beauty in Different Things.

Many people find beauty in the art paintings and all the crafty things. There are so many beautiful things not only in nature but to enjoy beauty in everything but the people in this today’s society are doing very much wrong things that harm the beauty of nature.

The people in this today’s world always thinks of getting first so because in this Run they did not observe the beauty in any things they only see of their own and because of this they have lost their interest in beauty.

People’s nature of seeing to the world should be changed and they should be able to see only the beautiful things that are present in the world and not the fake artificial things that are placed beautifully but there is no beauty in them and people should know about it.

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