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Bangalore which is now known as. Bengaluru is the capital of Karnataka. It was driven from the word “Begur”& from a popular story suggests the name from “Bendakaluru.” It is famous as the garden city & is also the hub at the IT Parks Because of the IT parks, my city- Bengaluru is sometimes known as the silicon valley of India of the IT capital of India.


The present city was designed by camp Gouda in 1537 served under Vijay Nagar kings as the in- change of Yelahanka. Then Bangalore became a twin city in the 19th century & since then the city has just.

Sean growth & development. Before becoming a part of Kannada, Bangalore was a part of the Mysore Dynasty & hence should come by kings & it was renamed as Bengaluru in 2014 on the occasion of 19th Kannada Rajyotsva (1st November).


Bangaluru is the capital of Karnataka located on the Deccan plateau in the south. East part of Karnataka. It is the 5th largest city in India & 3rd most popular city. The city is the nation’s leading IT employer & exporter.


It is a multi-cultural city permeating class religion & language. Even though it is a cosmopolitan city. It holds on to its meditational lectures.& there is a lot of festivals &events hosted in Bengaluru like kanga, Lalbagh flower snow & mare.


It is a witnessing a tremendous growth in the industry, trade a commerce leas ding to the rapid growth of the city & large scale urbanization. This growth is due to several factors such as good infrastructure localities, technical manpower & stilled labored & sound scientific & industrial base & in recent time due to the coming of age of Information technology (IT).


Bangalore is also a center of renowned colleges academic intuitions, important contract government established scientific & reserve institute & Organization such as the (IIsc), (IIMB), (BEU),(NAL), (ISRO), Infosys, & Wipro are headquartered in the city.


KSCST (Karnataka state council for science & technology) an autonomous S&T organization under a department of science & technology, the government of Karnataka has been pro-actively engaging itself to ide identify local areas, ecology & environment, habits, solid & electronic waste & infrastructure.

Bangalore has some of the most prominent Educational Institutions in India. As Bangalore is an IT hub, there numerous public and private institutions which provide specialized courses in the IT domain which are not available in other states in India.

Population in Bangalore 

Bangalore has a population of about 8.42 million, and it is a metropolitan city. It is the third most populated city in India. Reason for this population is then the city is the IT hub attracts a lot of people from across the country to come & settle in Bengaluru.


Bengaluru city there are many problems are facing Bengaluru people like traffic problem, water problem, & pollution problems from the bad attitude of some immigrants.


It needs special knowledge & skill but more important, it needs a special attitude to convenience a court with that talent.

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