Essay On Bangalore City For Students & Children In Simple English

Bangalore city is the most metropolitan city which is situated in India. It is a city were over 10 millions of people lives there as it is the third most populated city in our country.

It is situated in the southern part of our India. Bangalore is the capital city of state Karnataka and Bangalore is referred as Bengaluru in the past. It took almost 50 years to Bangalore to get its name from Bengaluru.

It is a very developed city as it as many industries, many technical institute research centers and with many talented people present there. It is a nation-leading city in IT.

Bangalore city is very hardworking and electric spirit city in India as compared to the other cities many employees and talented people come here to get their job.

There are many beautiful gardens and parks and many beautiful monuments that are situated in Bangalore for most of the tourist people likes to visit this beautiful city. It can be said as the city of talented people as the talented and well-educated people come to seek the job and mostly to make their lifestyle in Bangalore.

A Great IT Sector

Bangalore is a nation-leading city in IT. Bangalore has a Silicon Valley present in it many talented engineers come here to seek their job in this Silicon Valley as it is the world’s most biggest Institute all over the world that is present in Bangalore.

Many software engineers, IT engineers work very hard and show their talents to get any job in Bangalore, many talented peoples come here to learn from the institutes as it has many, very big and popular institutes in Bangalore.

It is a nation-leading city in technology and there are many Indian technology organizations and researchers institute such as ISRO, Infosys, Wipro.

Bangalore city is very much high in economic conditions. Because of this institutes and the great source of economy people gets attracted to this Bangalore city and come here to live their life and to earn more money and that is why there is a huge population in Bangalore city.

Problems That Bangalore Faces

Bangalore is metropolitan city and the great IT sector and that is why many people are attracted to it and that is why there is more population and because of the more population people like to travel in vehicles and because of this there are also many traffic problems and many other problems that come in Bangalore city.

This traffic problem is getting very much serious after day by day, there are many high volumes of vehicles and inadequate infrastructure and this irrational distribution of the development can cause the increase in the traffic jam in this city.

People from the city like to travel from vehicles as it is a running city in our country so because of this vehicles pollution causes.

This traffic problem leads to the major traffic jam that cannot get resolved up to 4-5 hrs a day.

And also there are many problems that people face as because of this traffic problems there are nearby buildings and the people in the building can get affected by the pollution so government should take some attention to solve this all problem that causes the harm in Bangalore city as it is the leading city in our country.

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