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It is a festival which is very important in India and every Indian celebrates this festival with full of joy and happiness. This is the festival when all the farmers of India are dam happy because they are about to get what they deserve.

Country of Farmers

India is a country of farmers well the cultivation and the growth of seeds and food is very high in India. And most of the Indians survive on this kind of business they are the person who sell all this products in the market and earn lakhs and crores but when it comes to the farmer they are still the guy who is very poor. Because they are not well educated and the person who is educated takes all the benefit and profit which the farmer deserves.

Educating Farmers

All the farmers in India are not well educated they are just averagely studied person. They make sure that they are at least capable of writing their name and doing signatures but still today in India there are only few farmers who are well educated and are capable of doing their own business.

Rest of the farmers are still working in some or the other person’s farm because they are not aware of their hard work and that is the benefit which the rich people take and make the farmer poorer.

What is Baisakhi?

Well first of all I would like to tell you what the meaning of Baisakhi is. In Hindu Baisakhi means a support to your body to stand still in front of anyone well it is a similar meaning in the farmers life is also Baisakhi is the festival when the farmer cut off his farm to get the outcome and this is the moment when the farmer receives his achievement.

Well it is not so easy to become a farmer, people think that only the uneducated people do this farming work but they forget about that if the farmer does not work how we are going to eat. So never think that a farmer is the person who is not educated he is the person who is more than educated officers or scientist because he knows how to create the food which makes you survive in this whole world and gives you energy to fight back.

Food Production in India

Well as we know that the food production in India is the main core business of Indian economy but apart from this the Baisakhi Festival makes all the farmers feel happy and the only time when the farmer is not thinking about any kind of hard work.

Farmer is the person who works very hard throughout the year, the only festival Baisakhi is the festival when the farmer feels that he is the person who is going to fulfil all his dreams. The farmers dream is just to see his whole farm with the hard work which he has done throughout the year and once he gets the reward of his hard work here again starts working hard for the next year.

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