Essay On Autobiography Of A Book For Students & Children In Simple English

Hi! I am a book and I am the book that was written by the famous author JK Rowling who created the famous Harry Potter series.

The name of the book as my name is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as it has been written the really exciting book about magic and many things in it and after he wrote the book was published all over and many copies of mine are been distributed in many of the bookshops.

Many copies where kept in a row in a bookshop and many people were rushing to buy this books as I was kept in a shelf under the spotlight and many people purchase my other copies and the time came when a boy came in and purchased me and take it to its home and I was very happy when I was purchased by someone.

But after he took me to his home there was the end of my good days as the boy was very rude when he started to read the books he turned my pages with dirty fingers and spread some dirt on my pages and because of this my some of the pages where torn.

After reading some of the pages carelessly he put me in the corner and I was very unhappy with his behaviour as I was not getting any attention.

The whole day passed away till the night and I was kept in a corner and because of this many dirt are been stick to my cover pages and at night the boy decided to read me and while he was reading he was eating chocolates and he that time also turn pages with that chocolate hands and because of this my pages where full of cream.

While he was reading suddenly stopped on to some page and throw me away and I got in the laundry basket where his dirty clothes were kept and it was smelling very badly and the whole night I was kept on them.

After the night passed out the next morning the maid of the house came and started to wash the clothes instead of picking one clothes at a time she just put the whole basket into the washing machine and because of this I was with the clothes and put in the washing machine.

In the washing machine I got whirles tumbled but when the boy’s mother came and saw me in the washing machine she bought me out and throw me in some corner.

This was a total torture that I was getting and it was clear that this house has no love for the books and because of the washing machine my pages are being torn away and I will never be said as a book any longer because of this.

And after that I was kept with some of my pages with some of the newspapers and they give all these things to be get recycled and with this my story got end as it has been said that a book is a Man’s Best Friend But some people do not read the books well they torn the pages do not keep it nicely as books are the things from which we can gain knowledge we should use these books and read and keep them in a good manner.

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