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August 15 is a national festival of India. On August 15, 1947, the country was written with gold letters in the history of India. On this favorable day, our country was independent of hundreds of years of English rule. Since then hundreds of crores of Indians celebrate this festival as an Independence Day with bigger attacks. On this occasion, all school office rooms, institutions, and markets are closed. On this day every year, the Prime Minister hoists the National Flag on the ramparts of the Red Fort in the Indian capital of Delhi and gives a message to the people of the country. The national flag is given a salute of 21 guns; then there is a national anthem.

Tribute Freedom

The symbol of freedom and prosperity is celebrated with great fanfare in every corner of India. On the morning of August 15, the National level leaders pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, the national leaders, and freedom fighters, before going to Raj Ghat Samadhi. After reaching the Red Fort, inspect the parade of the three organs (air, water, and space) and other forces and salute them.

Flag Hoisting

On August 15, all the government offices are hoisted the national flag, and everyone floats national flags on their homes and shops. On this day, lightning is done at government offices and many special places during the night. Due to its beauty, India’s capital Delhi seems to be a bridegroom. In all schools and colleges, this festival is celebrated on the first day, i.e., 14th August. On this day schools are distributed fruits and sweets to children.


August 15 is a festival of pride and good fortune of India. This festival invites innovative innovations and patriotism in the hearts of all Indian. Independence Day reminds us that the freedom we have attained by giving such sacrifices.

Because thousands of brave soldiers of our country have sacrificed their lives to make the country independent Many leaders have tormented the prisoners to get freedom, they did not fall prey to the tortures given by the Britishers but were busy in their efforts, but our country could become independent after hard work and sacrifices.

 Celebration Of The Day

Independence Day is also celebrated with great fanfare, just as the social and religious festivals are celebrated in India. Independence Day is a national festival, which is celebrated on 15th August with great fanfare and enthusiasm. On this day our country was liberated from foreign slavery, and the British had returned to India after leaving the country and handed over the reins of the country’s rule to our hands.

Therefore, we all celebrate this day as a historical day. Independence Day is of great importance to Indian peoples. The Chief Ministers of the States address the public and make the public aware of the progress of the state. There are many cultural programs on this occasion in small and big cities.

Flag Hoisting In Schools

Independence Day is also celebrated in schools. We get together at the school premises at 8 a.m. Then the Principal and other teachers are present. The festival begins with the national anthem, and the principals hoist the tricolor flag. After that, students sing songs of patriotism one by one, then teachers and principals deliver a speech and tell students the importance of Independence Day.

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