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Global Warming is a phenomenon where there is a rise in temperature on the Earth’s surface. There are a host of reasons for the rise in temperature on Earth. Green House Effect, CO2 emissions, Pollution, Sunspot Cycle, Dust and dirt are the main reason for the rise in temperatures.

Climate model projections summarized in the report indicated that during the 21st century, the global surface temperature is likely to rise a further 0.3 to 1.7 °C (0.5 to 3.1 °F) in the lowest emissions scenario, and 2.6 to 4.8 °C (4.7 to 8.6 °F) in the highest emissions scenario.

The Causes 

The greenhouse effect is a major reason for the rise in temperature; the greenhouse effect happens when there is an imbalance in the composition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. One of the main cause is high CO2 emissions due to pollution by industries and vehicle exhaust. Another reason is the release of Natural Gas (Methane) into the atmosphere.

Also, trees control the amount of carbon dioxide and also keep the environment cool, but due to excessive deforestation, the effects have caused an excessive rise in the atmospheric temperature.

Another cause of Global Warming is ozone depletion, the ozone layer is getting thinner day by day which causes harmful solar rays to enter directly into the earth, and the depletion is higher near Antarctica region, which causes the glacier to melt.


There are numerous effects of Global Warming, one being untimely rains. The effects have also caused misbalance in the seasons on earth. Global Warming has caused the melting of glaciers all around the world at an alarming rate, which causes flooding in rivers and rise in sea levels. It has been predicted that major coastal cities around the world like Mumbai would be under the sea within a few years if Global Warming is not controlled.

Not only has Global Warming caused an effect in the production of food grains too. Climate Change is a major concern around the world as it has resulted in extreme weather conditions, large-scale changes in social and natural systems. Many of the islands have already drowned under the sea.

And it has also been said that island countries like the Maldives have a risk of drowning entirely under the sea. Global Warming is a global phenomenon, even if a country in Asia causes a high rate of CO2 emission it will have a major impact on countries in Africa and America too.


Most countries in the world are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Apart from this various countries have created similar agencies for common understanding and controlling pollution, co2 emission and deforestation. There is a need for a strong framework and political emphasis to curb Global Warming.

Many scientists and politicians doubt the existence of such a phenomenon, and they do not allow passage of stronger environmental protection laws. In developing countries, the politician prefers industrial development over environmental protection.

They need to understand that for development of the Industrial country development is needed along with protection of Environment, there is a need for Sustainable Development because ignoring the environment will have an adverse effect on the country itself and also on the neighboring countries.

In India, though we are a developing country, still we have stronger environmental laws, though it is not enough. Still, on many occasions, our country has set an example for the world.

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Updated: February 9, 2019 — 7:56 am

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