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Discipline is said as the act of keeping our body, mind, and Soul in our control and to do all the works in the perfect and right manner. Discipline is said as the act to train our mind and body to accept the rules and regulations.

It is said that the discipline is the biggest key to success in our life if there is discipline in us we can master in any field or any subject in our life.

For example, when an army is in the discipline they have an immense advantage over the undisciplined army such as a small number of discipline soldiers could be able to defeat a large number of an undisciplined army of soldiers.

If a man has discipline in his life he becomes a Virtuous man and could be able to live his life with health and happiness.

Examples Of Discipline In Life

There are many examples of discipline that our nature sets for us such as the real discipline that the natural environment sets us in our daily life are that the sun rises and sets at the right time every day and the moon comes in the evening and goes at the right time every day.

So by following our nature discipline, we should also be disciplined in our lives and we should not look back in our life we should go forward and follow the discipline in our life so that we would be able to defeat all the problems that come in our life.

As it is said that excellence is a journey and discipline is its vehicle it is true as every discipline man could be able to live his life easy without any problems and to achieve his success easily.

This discipline is also involved in the life of students as if the students are not disciplined they will not be able to learn themselves and the purpose of the education will be defeated.

As in the office works if the workers do not listen to their senior officers it will difficult to carry on the work of production and administration and in the country, if the public servants are not disciplined there will be no plan of organization, so there is discipline in all the things.

Importance Of Discipline 

Discipline is a very good thing as it has nothing wrong with it and it builds a proper character of a people it gives the strength and Unity to the people when they are disciplined with one another.

Every people should be taught discipline from their childhood as these teachings could help them in their life and it is a secret of success in life.

And also if there is no discipline in the family all the members of a family will go their own way and then there will be no peace and order in the family.

Without discipline, there is no life at all and to live a successful life in a peaceful manner people should be disciplined in their works so they are able to be successful in their life.

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