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Cows can be said as the very useful pet animal for the humans as it is a successful domestic animal that can be used by the people and can keep at home for many purposes.

The cow is a four-footed female animal having a large body and two eyes and two horns as well and one mouth and also a stomach and all the things that animal have. The cow gives us milk and the milk that she gives is very much healthy and strong when the people drink it, and she eats a large amount of food in one time and because of the food she produces more milk.

The milk she gives is very much healthy and because of the infections that are increasing in our body keeps away, and our immunity power gets increased. Cows give milk, and their milk is also used to make many eatable things. Not only in India but cows are used as the farming process in many other countries from a long time ago.

Species Of Cows And Their Beliefs Amongst People

There are about 1.4 billion cows that are being domesticated by the people, and there are many different species of cows like Boss Taurus BOS indices, and mostly the boss Taurus species of cows is being domesticated as they are very helpful species of cows for the people. Cows are mostly worshipped in Hindu religion as they are the sacred animal and given a status of the goddess and called as ‘Gau Mata’ in the Hindu society.

It is also considered as the biggest dan considered as Gaudan in the world. Cows are very much useful animal before its death, and after its death, as they are very beneficial as when they are alive they help the people in many things and also assist in making food products,

but when they die their meat are also used to eat, and lots of leather are used from them to make useful things for the people.

The cow dung that she gives is very much useful for the farmers for making the fertilizer for their plant trees and crops and the urine used as gomutra are very much used in the Hindu religion.

Humans And Cows

The Relation between the human and the cows are very much friendly and very useful animal for the people and people also feed the cow as she eats grasses food grains and other eatable things and the Hindu religion worship her like a goddess, so the people feed some food to her. A cow is a reason for the healthy life of more than a thousand years. Cows are also a strong animal as when their owner or any other people attacked them they mostly protect themselves by their two pairs of strong horns and start to attack the people for their defense, and with this strong horns, they protect their young ones.

The different types of skin color shape and size from region to region are very much beautiful to see in this animal, and mostly the cow is a very much faithful animal for human and the relation between the human and the cow is very much good.

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