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Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam was and great human being who had done various inventions and researches in India on various scientific things like missiles, he is also known as the Missile man as he has invented many missiles which are very successful in Java and really they were very much powerful one of the main missiles was the Agni missile which was the powerful missile and given the name on behalf of Fire.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was very good in the research centre and had done with their scientific research. Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam is the most decorated person in India and his respected very much as he had various contribution in the development of India as he has contributed by various scientific research and was the 11th President of India who served the public of India from the year of 2002 to the year of 2007 in which he had done various development in the field of education and Hospitality and various other fields.


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was born on 15th October in the year of 1931, he was born in the village of Tamilnadu named as the Rameshwaram from where he started his career. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had a great career in his life his career started from the school in the schwartz Higher Secondary School which is present at Ramanathapuram in Rameshwaram in which he had done very hard work in studies and he was very sharp in his studies and also his favourite subject was mathematics as he loved mathematics. After completing education from the school doctor APJ Abdul Kalam went to higher college and took the higher education from the Saint Joseph College which is present in Tiruchirapalli.

After completing his higher education Dr APJ Abdul Kalam got affiliated with the Madras University in which he called the graduation degree in physics in the year of 1954 and in the 1955 doctor APJ Abdul Kalam went to Madras Institute of Technology where he got the degree of aerospace engineering from which he started his missions of developing the national defence system.


Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had a great height of contribution to the development of India as he had done PDF scientific researches and invention of various missiles which increased the defence system of India. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam brought the modern technology of weapons which not only increase the defence system but it also saves the various lives of the soldiers.

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has also served as the President of India for 5 years in which he has done various development and also has developed various rules and regulations for the people of India which is written will help in the development of India.

After becoming the President of India Dr APJ Abdul Kalam also started providing social services to the people who are living in poverty. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam has not only contributed to the development of India but it has also helped in various researchers which have helped to various other countries.

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