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Annual day is a cultural activity in mostly every institute of education in which there is a special day in which the students are allowed to show that Island through various acts like dance is doing skit or singing song and various other performances.

Annual day is celebrated once in a year and it is celebrated with huge joy and full of power in the School Auditorium or sometimes on the school ground in which every student and their parents are invited.

The invitation is given through cards which are like invitation card to the parents of the student and they also allow their whole family to come and enjoy the annual day. Every student or wait for the annual day to come so that they can display the talent and have fun with each other.

During the annual day, the school is decorated and also the Auditorium is that for a date with various decoration and lightings.

There is the number of chairs placed for the students and their parents and also there is the special seat for the chief guest who is a very important person for the annual day and during his arrival, he is welcome with the Blossoms and good music.


The annual day is celebrated by the school once a year and it is celebrated with a huge spirit of the students as well as their teachers.

The annual day is celebrated in the Auditorium or the school ground or at the school itself.

The annual day started with the welcome of the chief guest which might be the school founder or any VIP who is invited to the annual day as a chief guest.

There is a special music band played by the school students which place a nice band while entry of the chief guest and also share the students for their performance. Annual day is celebrated with the music and dance of the student.

The annual day is started by burning the lamp of the school by the chief guest. After which the dance of the students in started from lower class to higher class, and also every class have a different theme of their performance like environment, animals or humanity.

After the speech of the school authorities, there is a performance of higher standards which do an awesome act and impress all the audience sitting in the auditorium. After the annual day is finished the national anthem is played and everyone stands and show their patriotism.


Annual day is very important for every school and college as it provides and platforms for the students to show that talent.

The students start the preparation of annual day before months from the month of the annual day so that they do not do any mistake in the annual day which makes their talent sharp.

It also plays and Vital role as a stress relief as the students are released from the stress and they have fun in the annual day with their parents and getting entertainment and also providing entertainment to their parents.

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