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There is the important thing to survive on the earth and it is an important thing for everything else without are we cannot do anything. As the ad creates a perfect pressure for everything to survive and also it keeps places at the distance is there would not have and if there was a vacuum then everything would have destroyed because of the vacuum.

The most important use of an is for respiration that is the breed in add and removes out in which consume the oxygen in the air and exhale the carbon dioxide in the air. On another hand, the plants take carbon dioxide from the air and exhale oxygen in the air which creates the balance of oxygen in the air.

Air is important for everything on the earth as it plays a vital role in nourishing through various means, it is important for the living things things but it is harmful to the non living things and there is moisture in the air and sound time because of contact with the earth they become degraded for examples iron gets rusted on getting in contact with air.


There are various types of air and it is found that different places consist of different as an environment according to which the air consists of different compositions in different places. The first type of air is the dry Air which consists of less than 1% of moisture in the air it is found in the hottest part as there is less moisture.

The another type of air is the moist Air which consists of moisture and it consists of more than one percent of moisture and is found in the general areas which consists of plants and water bodies.

The another type of air is the cold Air which is very cold and due to which the environment is also cool this school at is present in a state which are present in a specific geographical location where the cool air is possible.

Another type of air is the hot air which is very warm which increases the temperature of the environment and it is seen that warm air comes when there is a bright sun in the sky.


Earlier there was a good but nowadays the air has become polluted by various Chemicals and elements found in the air for example the carbon as earlier the amount of carbon was very less in the air but now it is it has been increased which is very harmful for the environment and also people living in that environment.

Because of the pollution in are there is an acid rain fall in which there are various acids in the brain like sulphur which are very harmful for the human skin as they can cause dangerous harm to them.

It is seen that there are various greenhouse gases increases in the environment which readily increase the temperature of earth and leading to the state call global warming which is very dangerous for our as if it increases the moisture on the earth would have been gone and it might be very hard for the human to live in it.

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