Essay On Air Pollution For Students & Children In Simple English

Air pollution is caused due to the increase in the harmful and toxic materials in our fresh air of atmosphere and because of all this substance, it leads to the air pollution.

This air pollution is also caused by the humans as the toxic gases and the harmful particles that released from various human activities are affecting the fresh air and it creates the adverse effect to the living beings and not only humans but animals and plants are also getting disturbed by this.

The level of the air pollution is dependent on the type and amount of pollutants released from these sources as the topographical and metrological condition are increasing that spread the concentration of pollutants and the variety of raw materials used in manufacturing process in industries are the type which is harmful to our environment and when it goes out in the form of gases it collides with air and mix in it and it harms the fresh air and it leads in the air pollution.

Problems Of Air Pollution

As there are increasing in the population it demands to the need of the more industries and development of industries and because of this it ultimately leads to the air pollution.

There are mostly two types of air pollution sources they are Natural sources and manmade sources some Natural sources of the air pollution are the volcanic eruptions carbon dioxide smokes dust and many of the things that cause the air pollution.

It also caused due to the burning of fossil fuels like Coal Petroleum the other factory products are the major causes of air pollution.

The smoke emissions from the automobiles like cars motorcycles trains lead to the air pollution and their increase in the number of industries and the toxic gases and smoke that goes out from the industries harms the environment.

There are also many Chemicals that we use like cleaning products washing powders Paints creates various toxic chemicals in the air.

The man-made sources of air pollution are the industries agriculture automobiles domestic sources etc the man-made sources like smokes dust fumes gases from kitchen burning plastic and the smoke that creates from the power plant also leads to the air pollution and this all things causes in the increase of air pollution.

Because of this air pollution, it can lead to many health problems for the people as when people breathe this polluted air it causes many health problems like respiratory disorders and also lung cancer and so because of this we should protect our environment and control this air pollution.

Measures For Controlling Air Pollution

There are many ways that we can control the air pollution as the establishment of the industrial estates should be away from the areas where most of the people lives and the industries should use the tall chimneys instead of small.

People use plastics and burn them they should know that plastics are very much harmful for our environment and burning them is a very bad thing that a human is doing so we should avoid the use of plastics and also burning them.

We should take some measures on it and do many positive efforts for controlling the air pollution and so because of this in future we can control air pollution and can get a good life.

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