AIDS Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


AIDS is a viral infection and has a full form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome which causes and human immunodeficiency virus which is the dangerous virus for and human being and distance the whole life of the human and also make his life miserable as he calls through the various problem when he gets affected due to aids.

AIDS is a dangerous disease and is spread due to various means and by various methods, so special care to be taken of an AIDS patient as AIDS spread through a patient of AIDS.

Also, the person should take care while having a meeting with and AIDS patient there are the various thing you should not do with an education otherwise you will also get affected due to the person and get infected by AIDS.


There are various signs and symptoms of the AIDS disease in which there is various action called on the body which includes fever and large tender of lymph nodes and also throat inflammation.

There is also rashes and headache on the introduction to an HIV which causes AIDS, and also there are various sores on the mouth and genital areas.

There are also various opportunistic symptoms which show that you are going under the stages of its like feeling like nausea and vomiting. In some cases when it’s a girl the diary America which is a symptom of AIDS.

The duration of the symptoms where is but it is usually about one or two weeks in which the symptoms disappear, but a proper care should be taken of the symptoms when you see a symptoms of is you should visit a doctor and should consult him about your psychological health and also do various body checkups like Blood testing and various another check up.


There are various causes of AIDS it is spread through the sexual contact in which when your partner is affected by AIDS due to the changing of fluid between each other the each might come into your body, and you will also become an AIDS patient.

It’s is also shared from their parents to their child for example when parents are infected due to eating the child also gets affected, but there are in some cases where due to medicinal uses and taking medicines on time the children are healthy, and there are no symptoms of it from the child.

AIDS is also caused by using a thing which penetrates in your body like a razor or an injection which is used by an Aids affected person so it should be proper care taken that you do not use anyone else think like a razor or injections which can cause HIV AIDS.


There should be various precautions taken by an Aids patients like this should avoid any sexual contact with another person which might create the person also affected due to eating and they also keep that thing separate so that no one can use them.

Sometimes there are no visible symptoms available on and AIDS patient, so it is very necessary to know about the person you are having contact so that it might protect you from getting AIDS.

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