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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Televisions For Students – Read Here

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Television (TV) is a telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images in monochrome (black and white), or colure and sound.

The television set has become commonplace in many households, business, and institutions. It is a major vehicle for advertising.

Television is a great public entertainment it is the most amazing invention of science. It is a big plastic box with a machine inside. We can control the TV by a remote system. TV educates and entertains us.

Importance Of Television 

There are various programs shown on the small screen of the television these programs are of different kinds for different kinds of audiences such as old, young and children.

There are programs for films, film songs, serials, etc.  Television programs have huge education value; there are programs for farmers, doctors, businessmen, teachers, lawyers, officers and people of other professions.

This way there are different kinds of programs for different kinds of people. Apart from this, there are regular programs for the education of the youth.

There are educational programs showing development in science, agriculture, art and other subjects it is an important source of entertainment and relaxation.

It has made the whole world a global village. It is a media of mass communication and learning.

Advantages Of Television 

  • People get the latest news in a very short time. Distance is not a barrier. People get news daily through the media.
  • People get to bring out their hidden talents. Through media snow case their talents such as comedy, acting and singing, etc.
  • Children knowledge increase. Children can learn from quiz programs animal programs and so on.
  • Great in promoting mass consumer products. This can in turn increase sales of the product.
  • Serves as a good source of entertainment. People get entertained through music and television programs.
  • It helps people around the world to understand each other and embrace their differences.
  • If educated people. Through TV, people get to learn about health matters, environmental conservation and much more.

Disadvantages Of Television

  • Young children spend more time watching television than sitting with books. It greatly affects their studies.
  • Television makes us antisocial. I am taking the place of family and friends.
  • It is a waste of time, watching television fills the time a person might have spent doing important.
  • There is nothing good on, anyway. With hundreds of channels available, viewers can spend hour’s just flipping channels trying to find something worthwhile.
  • Sex, crime is frequently depicted on television and may have negative effects on impressionable children. Kids who see violent acts are more likely to display aggressive behavior.

Uses Of Television 

Television has some uses. First of all, it makes it possible for us to see what is happening away. Television can be used to teach uneducated people.

Through it, we can improve the knowledge of our students and educated people. We can present on TV educational programmers of different categories.

With the help of television we can improve knowledge, for example, there can be science programmers about modern inventions.

The most important use of television id news, television provides the latest news about current affairs. There are many channels that are especially for sports.

They are constantly providing live sports. They are constantly providing live sports from the stadiums of all over the world, television is also used for cooking, and there are also many cooing channels.


Television is very important for us. Its prices have also come down. Television does have a good impact on people, but if also have a bad impact on people.

TV becomes part of society. But if children watch too much television or watch immoral programs, their personalities can be harmed as well as their progress in school can be affected.

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