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Well we all know the advantages of the computer, most of the people nowadays are very much familiar with computer and its advantages but there is a small twist in every aspect of life there was a time when computer was not so easy to understand.

Computer was Created

Well the computer was created in 19’s, it was very hard to understand the functions of computer and it was very much costs us to use it. The people were not aware of using the computer and it was a very tough job. To have such kind of information computer had created a very big difference in each and every human’s life.

But in the past there when the computer work so much difficult to understand even people who were not capable of understanding the computer and tried their best to make sure that they are understanding the computer because they understood that the upcoming generation will be always depend on the computer information.

School Kids

Nowadays even the school kids have a computer lecture in their timetable because the schools are even understanding that the future is totally depending upon the computers so the student should also be aware of the technology which is going to come in front of them in the future. So they make sure that the students are well aware of the technology which they have to face in the future.

College Kids

If we see the college kids they are about to select the stream of their life but even they know that without the knowledge of computer it is not possible to work for their future. Every department has a separate section of usage of computers it makes the work easier and even quick which is the most important thing right now in any kind of organisation. The work should be done quick and faster than your imagination and computer has this capability to do.

Government Office

Nowadays people think that the government office are still working on the paper trails which are used to see in the movies of 90s. But today the government offices are also upgraded with the highest technology of computers. Its a fast growing sector in which each and every person needs to contribute and even the government offices are the aware of the usage of computers because it is making their potential and even capable of storing data for more than hundred years and they don’t even need to keep or waste any kind of paper for this kind of resources.

So this is the advantage of computer in the government sectors the government employs are compulsorily have the knowledge of computer of their field because if they lose any kind of information they can lose their entire hard work within seconds and you can never imagine a wrong data into the government records because it makes everything wrong in the future too and so the work of computer is far more important than anything else.

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