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My school on four floors is very good. It is like a temple where we go to read every day. First of all, we wake up in the morning, pray to God for our good studies and greet our class teacher in the morning. After this, we start reading according to the syllabus. I like to go to school every day.

My school has a very strict discipline, which is regularly followed by all the students. I like my school dress very much. My school is two kilometers away from my dear home, and I go to school with a yellow color bus. It is located in a very peaceful place, which is far from pollution, noise, and dirt.

 Timing And Prayer

Every student coming here is given a good education. There is a temple of Mother Saraswathi entering the school which is the goddess of music and education. We first see her and then pray to her. The time of my school is from 7:00 to 1:00 in the summer and from 10:00 to 4:00 in winter.

Prayer is done in the field before the class starts in school and every day our Principal tells us some new things which are very useful for us. Even here, we are also informed of the programs being organized in the school.

About school

Girls and Boys in my school read together. Two rooms have been built for each class in the school so that the second section can be made when the number of children is high. The school building is very beautiful. There are two gardens ahead of the school, in which there are various kinds of flowers are planted that are beautiful in seeing and also making the school’s atmosphere fragrant.

There is also a canteen in the school where we can eat food in the afternoon. Education and scholarships are given to poor students every year. The dress of my school is a white shirt, blue paint, a belt to wear in the waist and a blue tie which I like very much.

Class Rooms

There are tables and chairs for students sitting in the school on which we can sit and study comfortably. There is also a library and a computer lab at my school. Sweepers clean the school rooms and ground every day before school starts and after school gets over, due to which the sand does not fly, and the school remains clean. There is a high wall around the school so that no other person can enter the school.


There are many types of programs, and cultural events are organized by school management. The annual function is the most interesting program it comes in January in my school.  Every student, teachers, parents, love to watch the function. In this function, there are singing competition, dancing competition, dramas, etc


There are many types of competitions are organized by the principal and school management as well as other schools. All sports activity is held in my school in which we take part. Sports activity like Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Cricket, Chess, Football, etc. and every year our school students participate in district and state level competitions. Our school in cricket last year the students got the gold medal. We are also taught Yoga which keeps our health perfect, and we go to school every day.


The principals of my school are very good, since the time they took their charge, the school’s reputation has increased. In my school, sports are done as well as education, due to which our overall development develops, so I like my school very much.

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