Essay On A Visit To A Zoo For Students & Children In English

A zoo is a place where there are different types and different species of animals that have been kept together and it is a place where many people get the opportunity to see the wild animals.

When these animals are living in an open society they are being hunted and some of these animals are fast disappearing from our environment and also because of the deforestation and urbanisation their place has been taken out and there is no place for animal to live so because of these,animals are kept in a zoo as they can get a proper area to live and people could able to see them.

It can be also useful for the people that they can see big wild animals in a zoo as when they are in an open environment people cannot see them as the animals can hurt the people and in the zoo, they can see them easily without hurting themselves.

A Zoo

In a zoo, we see all types of species of animals and not only animals but there are many insects and birds that are also kept in the zoo to see for the people. It is a great attraction for the children of any age as they visit a zoo can give them information and as well as entertainment and they can see many types of species of animals too.

For the animals such as lion tiger special caves and cages are built to keep them in that and the reptiles such as crocodile there are many water and land places that are available to keep crocodile at that place and for keeping fish many aquatic aquaria are being available to keep fish safely in that so by these people could be able to see all the animals easily and because of the protection they could not get harm by the animals and people also could not be able to harm the animals.

There are many sanctuaries and wildlife pass that has been made for the animals to keep them and to enjoy the people by seeing them and people visit to see the different types of species of animals.

A Visit To The Zoo

When we visit Zoo first we saw the wild animals like lion tiger and Leopard kept in a cage and also there are many sparrows pigeons Eagles and many species of bird that are kept in a cage and also some birds are left free and their chirping is very much nice to hear.

There are the lot of monkeys who are kept free and they also interact with the Crowd some people throw bananas to them and they also entertain some people after that we go front and so many deer were kept free to roam in an area.

After that there was a deep hole and in that crocodiles are kept in a lake and then there is a big fish aquarium which has been made especially for aquatic animals and there were many species of fish are been kept.

There were many snakes like cobras and pythons in a separate area and after moving ahead for about 2 to 3 hours in a zoo we took a full round of it and we enjoyed a lot by seeing different types of animals and how they live and what they eat we get to know very well and we enjoyed our visit to a zoo.

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