Essay On A Most Memorable Day Of My Life For Students & Children In English

Life is a full of various events and varied experiences as all these are equal to the enjoyment and memorable things and many important things that go through our lives and in life there are also some days which come in our life that becomes memorable and which does not become memorable as all the days are not the same.

The day which is memorable for us is the funniest and the happiest day of our life as it makes us feel that we are in heaven and the joy and fun that gives us that makes our day a memorable one.

This day becomes a memorable day because afterward when we memorize about these days, it brings a happy smile on our face when we are sad and when we memorize these days it gives us a smile on our face as it has our special memory.

A Memorable Day In My Life

There are many days in my life which are happy and sad but there are also some days which remembers all through our life as a memory, and there is a day in my life that I remember all the time and it is a day of my 12th standard result.

I was very frightened that day as it was my 12th standard result and we were checking it, and my mum told that I had secured 93% and with my shaking hands and throbbing heart I heard it and started to dance.

I thank my God, and my parents started to greet me and congratulating me my cousins and sisters also got up and rejoice for the great percentage that I have scored.

The whole atmosphere of the house was at once change my friends and relatives arrived and came to congratulate me many people gathered in my house and my mum made sweets to all of them and relatives bought many sweet boxes for me as they were in the very happy mood.

After my result, I went to my school and met my principal and teachers, and I tell my percentage to them they were very happy by hearing it and they congratulated me we were in joy, and we also felt sorry for some of my friends who could not do well in their examinations.

A Happy Ending

At evening I returned home and saw that there were many of my friends gathering for congratulation me, and we celebrate with a cake cutting ceremony that was bought by my friends and the day ends well at last and it was the happiest day of my life which I shall remember for many years to come these days are not just the ones that make you feel like you are in heaven it is unforgettable because of joy that has given to you by many people, and it becomes a part of your life when you grow up.

So there are some days in every people’s life which becomes the memorable day and when the thinks of that days bring a smile to their face and it becomes their memorable day.

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