Essay On A Mobile Phone For Students & Children In Simple English

The mobile phone is an electronic gadget through which we can do all our things easily such as through mobile phone we can communicate with other people at the long distance through mobile phones we can transfer money within seconds, and also there are many things that we can do by using a mobile phone.

Through mobile phones we can play games and also we can message our friends and families through the mobile phone, and there are many things like we can listen to music watch videos click photograph by the use of a mobile phone. In this 21st-century cell phone is a thing that everyone has with them.

Everyone has some electronic devices such as computers, laptops and television and many more. Mobile phones are called cell phones in the past. The mobile phone has been daily used by everyone; we cannot live without mobile phones.

Advantages Of Having Mobile Phones

There are many advantages of having mobile phones such as in mobile phones we can store many of our data, and it is a gadget through which we can communicate with other people by saving their number in our mobile phone and also we can click images and keep our memories alive through mobile phones.

Mobile phones are the stressbuster as when people are having stress and many things people usually play games and remove the stress in their life.

It is a very helpful gadget as an example when you are in case of emergency as when you are stuck in a road jam or in some thing you have to only call your family member or friend and to get help from them as easy as possible as it has become a very good means of communication with other people.

With the help of mobile phones, we can find any current information at any place and at any time. We can get information about any topic through mobile phones.

These mobile phones have been used in this today’s world as in the past there were no mobile phones and people are getting very tough to communicate with each other mostly they write letters to communicate with each other, and it takes about 5 to 6 days, but through the use of mobile phone people could communicate within seconds.

Nowadays all people have mobile phones with them all the people from a student to a great Businessman all the people having a good amount of smartphone with them.

Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones.

HD mobile phones are very useful for the people in this today’s world, and it has many advantages, but there are also many disadvantages of mobile phone such as by using continues mobile phone the ultra rays that comes from the mobile phone damages are eye sights.

Because of smartphones, children like to play and use only this phones, so they stop playing outdoor games and sit at home and play only on their phone, makes them lazy.

As it is a helpful gadget for the people but it also has many disadvantages, and it should be used when we need its continuous use of mobile could damage people’s life as well.

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