Essay On A Memorable Day Of My Life For Students & Children In Simple English

Memorable thing is the most important thing that goes through our life. Our days of life are not same and the only one day which gives happiest and funniest of all is our memorable day.

The day comes in our life, and it gives us many funny things and happiness on that day, and there is also a day which gives me memorable feeling through all my life, and it was on my 15 the birthday.

It is a day when I feel that it was a most memorable day of my life and now when I memorize this day, it gives me happiness and put a smile on my face as this is the memorable day of my life.

My Memorable Day

On the day of My 15th Birthday as it was a very memorable day for me as when I got up there was a surprise for me that was planned by my parents as when I woke up the room full surrounded by bouquet all over and it was very beautiful to see as my room was decorated with many flowers.

Every year I have my birthday, but it was a special day for me as my parents had planned many things on that day for me.

When I come out of my room, they started to wish me and greet me a happy birthday, and my grandparents also give me their blessings, and it was a perfect start for my day.

My mother made my favorite food items to eat, and after that my parents decided to give me a surprise, and they take me out of our car, and we go and they did not tell me that where we are going and at last we reached our destination and my parents blindfolded me and taken me there.

When we reach the place at last my parents are open my blindfold and what I see there was a big cake and there were many old people wishing me a happy birthday as my parents had taken me to old age home and it was very beautiful to see that all the people wish a happy birthday for me.

One month before my birthday I have told to my parents that I have to visit an old age home and they have their work and because of these they are not able to take me the old age home and by giving this surprise they made my day a memorable one for me on my birthday.

After the birthday wishes I cut the cake and spend some time with the old people and then take their blessings and after that, we return to our home.

At Happy Ending To My Day

When we return our home, my parents already have arranged all the things as our home was decorated with many beautiful things as my parents and some friends come to help them for the decoration and at night my parents had called my friends and other relatives in my birthday, and this made my birthday a special one.

Then I cut the cake, and my friends and relatives sang the birthday song for me and gave many gifts to me.

After the party over i quickly to open the gifts as I was very eager to know what I have got in the gifts as there were many beautiful things like games and many learning things that are being given to me by my friends and relatives and at last we had our food and we went to sleep, and this was the most memorable day that I had been in my life.

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