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My family is a joint family and a big family. While living in the city, all the members of the family live together. In my family, grandparents, mother-father, uncle and aunt and we have five brothers and sisters in this way, in total my family has eleven members. All members of the family live in harmony with each other. Our family is an ideal and happy family.

Important Member In Family

Grandfather-Grandmother is an elderly and respected member of the family. Other members of the family respect them very much. Believing their advice, they all understand their duty. Grandfather was the first teacher; now he has retired. They teach us, brothers and sisters, regularly.

Grandmother is a woman of religious instincts, and most of her time is spent in worship and god-worship. Still, he also takes some time for the family. They support the mother and aunt as much as possible in homework. They consider the mother and aunt to be the daughter-in-law of the family but not their daughter.

About Family

My father is a homeopathic doctor by profession. They have their clinics in the city where they go regularly. Patients benefit greatly from their medicine. My uncle is an engineer in the electrical department. In this way, my family gets a good monthly income, and the needs of the family are easily met. My mother and aunt handle household chores. We are studying in five different schools. We read and play together at home.

Adequate importance is given to discipline and courtesy in my family. Respect small elders and give love and affection to big little ones. All the family functions are often on time. The time for eating, reading, playing and sleeping is certain. If someone gets sick, then others take his service. If there is a problem, the family faces the problem by being united.

Good Relation With Neighbour

My family lives together with neighbors. We always cooperate with neighbors’ grief and pain. Dad treats neighbors free of charge. Grandfather collects children from the neighborhood and teaches them.

My family engages in increased social work. Due to these qualities, my family gets proper respect in the neighborhood. Neighbors give examples of our solidarity here, which is a matter of pride for us.

Welcoming Of Guests

Guests are treated fairly in our family. Due to being a big family, friends and guests often visit. They are respected in the guest room. Their comfort is also taken care of. We give enough importance to the ancient Indian concept of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ it is a Hindi word.

No Difference

There are no differences in my family. We are surprised if neighboring families fight among themselves. If there is ever a difference between my family, then it is settled peacefully.

If children quarrel with each other, then the big differences are overcome. In this way, the smallest obstacles with mutual harmony and love will end.


This way my family is a happy family. The secret of this prosperity is the discipline followed by family affection and dignity. The feeling of sympathy towards each other is on a solid foundation on the family. It is possible to have a sense of unity in such a family that there is a feeling of unity. Nobody can dare to see my family with the power of unity on the strength of unity.

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