Essay On 26 January For Students & Children In Simple English

India was under the rule of Britishers for many long years and the people of India were forced to follow the rules of the Britishers and by struggling for many years India got its freedom because of many freedom fighters who lost their lives for getting India freedom and India became independent on 15 August 1947.

And after the Independence about two and half years later Indian government implemented its constitution and declared Indian Republic Day about two years and 11 months are being taken to develop our constitution assembly of our India and two passes new rules for our India and on 26 January 1950 we get it declared as a sovereign democratic republic country. On 26 January 1950, we celebrate Republic day every year.

The Celebration Of Republic Day

The celebration of Republic Day takes all over India and mainly in New Delhi it is being celebrated where our national flag is hosted by our President of India by singing National Anthem and there are a big Indian Army parade march past and award distribution functions that take place on this day in New Delhi.

The whole environment is contributed by the people and all the people sing the national anthem Jana Gana Mana as the whole environment becomes full of the sound of the national anthem all over.

For the celebration of Republic day every year it is a great honor for the people living in India as well as people of India living in Abroad, it is a day when there is great importance and celebrated by the people with joy and enthusiasm by organizing various events.

Most people wait for this day to come as they eagerly want to participate the big rally that held in New Delhi and the celebration of this starts before a month and the preparation and the arrangement all over the security management all the things are being planned a one month before the Republic Day.

Celebration In Schools And Colleges

On this day the students in the school and colleges celebrate this event as their preparation also starts before a month as the students in schools and colleges perform various academic activities and also they prepare many plays and dance on our freedom of India and many patriotic songs are been sung by the students also there are many sports and educational awards that are being given to the students on this day.

In schools and colleges, the national flag has been hosted by the principal of the school approx up to 8 a.m. in the morning and many sweets and cakes are being distributed among the students.

This Republic Day is also celebrated in local areas as many people gather together and host a national flag and sung the National Anthem of our India by saluting towards the flag and also many people arrange function on this day as all the people gather together and celebrate this day.

As it is a day of great honor for the Indian people and they should maintain peace and harmony amongst the people.

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