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Friendship something which is very important in life. No one phone and replace your friendship with your best friend. All this time when people are alone has no one to speak with there is only a friend with whom you can share your problem.

School Friendship

School friend’s first friends we meet in our life. They are the one who teaches us about friendship. Some good some bad but we all have some special friends in the school duration. In the school days, we fight for a best friend with anyone it feels like that he is the closest person in the whole world to me.

School days are the best day of a student’s life. These days even if the students get the punishment they are not alone they have their best friends with them finishing the punishment together. This is the best thing which students can do in school days to learn about friendship and its true meaning.

College Days Friendship

Now if we talk about the college days friendship it would be very much different from the school friendships. Here you will find different kinds of people with different mindsets. Each one of them has a different quality and they know how good or bad they are.

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The college gets started and we meet different people altogether there are many new people to make new friends. There would also be a few old friends from your school but there are only a few chances that you will be with your old friends.

College is the place where you forget about your old friends and make new friends. Well, it is not wrong to make new friends but you should never forget about your old friends also. This makes a man connected to its roots always.

Office Friendship

Today the offices in which we work our second home we almost every 12 hours in the office with different kinds of people. Some are good some are back but over there also we make a new friend circle.

There are people in the office who are your well-wishers and also look after you. But as we know that every coin has two sides even in the office we have people who do not like us. We should always make sure that the people who don’t like us are not affecting us much.


The word friend means the person who is standing next to us in a problem. And in front of us in happiness, this is the correct meaning of friendship never the less nor the more friendship is always better than anything.

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There will be some friends who will be the naughtiest one but in front of your family, they would be the clearest one. Your family will be giving you an example of your friend but the true nature of your friend is only known by you. This is the best thing in a friendship you know the truth but you can’t speak it because in front of your friend nothing matters.

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