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The word women empowerment means increasing the ability of a woman to raise her voice and also to get the freedom of doing everything.

The empowerment of women is done by many things like creating the loss for women and also giving them education free and also allowing them to the type of security by other peoples of the country so that they get the freedom of going anywhere and they will not feel afraid from the other peoples.

There are also various speakers to increase the empowerment of women by carrying various campaign and giving and empowering speech in which they use many courts like ‘ I am not raising my voice for shouting but to be heard by the women who do not have a voice’ which means that it is credited to the women’s who don’t raise their voice and all the show it enables them to increase their voice and also increase the spirit in them.

Women empowerment also increases the self-confidence as well as self-esteem by themselves and help them in living a better and restriction less life.


Women empowerment plays and vital role in making the women better part of the country and also help them in developing the country as when both the men and women come together to develop the country is not only developed the country but it also develops their own life by various means.

Women empowerment is necessary to give a unique life to the women’s rather than sitting at home and doing all household work in their whole life that is before the marriage and also after the marriage.

Women empowerment not only developed the life of the woman but it also developed the life of the whole family as an empowered woman makes the whole family empowered.


There are various methods of empowering women like carrying a campaign in which the social literature speakers make a nice speech and share it with the women’s and make them feel Independent and also gives a boost to their thinking.

I like this campaign the women are gathered in a large amount and they also create a social network with each other during this campaign which helps them in creating like a competition with each other and becoming more and powered.

There are also various laws made for women empowerment due to which women are given special rights and which can be used by them anytime and anywhere.


Nowadays the women empowerment has been a great boost in India as the today’s generation of India is on the basis of gender equality which means whether it be a boy or a girl they both are treated equally and they are not discriminated on the basis of the gender.

Also in the schools, there is the almost equal number of boys and the equal number of girls which in the previous only ball used to go to the school and girls is to sit at home and do household works.

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Updated: January 14, 2019 — 11:30 am

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