Essay On Where There Is A Will There Is A Way For Students & Children In Simple English

Essay on where Where there is a will there is a way is a proverb that says that there is always a way to reach our success and to make our goal and target complete with our strong will and dedication.

To achieve our goals and target that has been set by us to be success in life there is always a willpower that is needed in people as because of this they could be able to achieve that target and people do not have willpower in them they would never be able to feel the success and they cursed their fate.

The power of determination should be needed in every people life to complete their goals as it helps the people to fight with all that difficulties and to achieve their success and without determination, it is hard and become no hope for the people to achieve their target.

Determined Person

When a person set target for himself as it is a very small target but it is tough for him and first and sometimes he feels to leave the field and didn’t go further, but when a person has willpower in him and to achieve his target there will always be a way that would come upon him to help him to achieve his goals and target.

He should never get back down while achieving his priorities as getting back down he would never be able to get up and do his work again.

To complete his target a person needs strong willpower but with the will power, he also required some discipline and dedication power in him to work hard as only a dedicated man could be able to get his target completed as he will be focused to succeed in life.

We just need to work on our things continuously without taking a gap or postponing our target and only to wait for our results work on this with our willpower and strong dedication we would be able to complete our target, and we would not be able to give excuses in our life.

Rise From Failure

When some people have the strong willpower in them and they are working with their determination but some of the people around them discourage them, and because of this they were not able to continue and lack their power of determination and patience to wait for their final result and lose their work and get failed in their life.

They shouldn’t think of their failures as failures are stepping stones to the success and by this thing they should continue to do their hard work and they should not take the shortcut to get there as always a proper way is to maintain to get success.

The attitude always should be proper and they should not be greedy for their success as they should complete their target and then only feel that success and this proverb where there is a will there is a way teaches us in life that we should always follow our dreams and never get back down as when we have focused in our life then we’ll always find a way that will help us in any situation to get our goals completed in our life.

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