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A village is a place which is made using its infrastructure that is old houses made up of mud and environment which is full of greenery that is completely covered with trees and also there are various cattle.

The village life is a life lived by the people living in the village which is very hard, but it is a very good life rather than the city life in which the people always Run for earning money.

In villages, there is very less need of money as everything is available in less money and also people in the villages grow plants and crops for their food, and also they get their basic needs from the environment, and they have less need of money.

But as the satellite, there are various opportunities and services which are not available to the people living in the village.

The most important thing that is the network connection is not available in many villages due to which they don’t have communication with each other at a long distance.

But everyone loves their village and the lifestyle in the village as they don’t have much stress on them and lead a happy life


There is a huge difference between the village life and city life as the village is deprived of magnesia uses mobile phones which are of not used in villages due to lack of network connection to the mobile and also there very less number of television in village as a mean of entertainment but in the city everyone has a mobile phone, and there is a huge network available, and also there is a television set in each home for entertainment.

In villages, the people leave a stressless life, but they do hard work and earn less amount of money, but in the city, people live the stressful life and also they had to work hard and they also on a great amount of money.

There is less number of toilets due to which people do it in open space reserves, and the cities have toilets built in every part of the society or organization or an enterprise which led the open defecation and also solve these problems of diseases.


The main problem in village life is that you have to travel a lot for getting education sometimes the people were the too long distance from the village to get the education as there is very less number of schools.

Due to the small number of schools available, there are some children only study at the early age in start doing some work.

There are also very less number of Hospitals available in the village, and they are also at a larger distance from the village due to which people try the home tactics to improve the patient’s health which increases our life of the patient in danger and can lead to death if the precautions are not taken properly.

The village life is a very poor life as we have to do many hard works for completing their daily needs and they have no option of living and luxurious experience as the people live in the City.

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