Vigilance Awareness Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


Vigilance awareness is and process in which the Awareness of the rights available to the human are spread in a widespread so that everyone should know the uses of the human rights for them.

Nowadays many people don’t know about the rights and duties which they have and also due to which day do various wrong things as they don’t know anything about the legal terms like what are the rights they are having and what are the duties which day should follow due to which Vigilance awareness is an important part as everyone should know about the right protected from him.

Due to the people don’t know the rights and duties they should do there is an increase in various economic problems like corruption and poverty as they don’t know the rights provided by the government that is how they can make their life better and come out from poverty rather than they just leave the poverty line and do various wrong duties which should not be done by them.

Vigilance awareness is like a precaution to stop corruption and also to stop various activities which do the problem to the economy of the country and also to the environment.


There are various objectives of the Vigilance awareness the important objective is to increase the awareness about the Human Rights available to the people of the country and to reduce the corruption.

The people are deprived of the rights because they don’t know anything about the right and what are what their rights and what are the duties that is what they should do rather than disturbing the economy of the country and also the environment but as they don’t know anything about the rights and duties dangers do anything in the life and create a problem for themselves and every other person.

The other objective of Vigilance awareness was that everyone should know their rights due to which If Everyone gets the information about the right they will use them in a right way and also develop the country and also if they do their duties properly by knowing what are the duties it will also put a great hand in the development of the country and also to the development of his own life.

Vigilance Awareness In India

There are various steps taken in India to improve the Vigilance awareness in India and mostly many of the people know the things about their rights and there are also so special individuals like counselors and lawyers present in each and every part of India who knows each and every right given to the individual.

There is also various campaign carried out by the various political leaders who carried out the various campaign on human rights in which they share the human rights and duties to the people and which is followed by the people and help the people in making their life better.

But there are some people who don’t know about the human rights and they are totally disconnected by the rights and duties which day should do as they are not educated and living in rural areas of India which are not more developed.

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