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Unemployment is a serious issue in the country India as there are many of the people who are unemployed due to the overpopulation and also due to the insufficient knowledge they have.

There are various reasons for unemployment but the main reason of unemployment is people have an educational degree to show their education but they don’t have the knowledge to meet up with their educational degrees and they also fail the interview in which they have asked about their education.

In India people only study for a degree and also their study for a specific course and also many of the students go for the same course the best example is most of the students do engineering whether they are not capable of doing engineering but then also they do it and don’t do it properly and the face the unemployment as no organisation has profit in getting and bad engineer as there is availability of a large number of Engineers so they have huge number of choice and there are many who are rejected and face the unemployment.


Unemployment is a use issue and present in a greater amount according to and research buy UPS known as usual principal subsidiary status shoes that about 77 percent of the family doesn’t have a regular wage earning individual in their home as he is unemployed sometimes due to many reasons and about which 67% of the families have less income than 11000 per month which makes their life hard in the world of raising money.

But there are about 58% of the unemployed graduate who is not getting jobs and also there are 62% of the unemployed graduate who has not received a job due to lack of experience and skills.


There are various steps taken by the government of India to reduce the unemployment one of the major step is the launching of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme in which the government guarantees about 100 days of employment to an unemployed person in a year and he is paid above 150 per day.

It has also taken and major step by providing the details of vacancies the Government of India provides a weekly newspaper which mostly comes about Saturday evening which has and detailed information about the vacancies for government jobs and also it consists of the various list of Government exams which are a part of recruiting offices for government jobs.


The unemployment is very dangerous for the development of the country as it decreases the number of population helping in the development of the country and also increases the poverty in which the individual does not have income and become poor and have to do any work so that we can get money for getting his daily needs.

Unemployment also raises the social problems in which the unemployed people do very wrong things like becoming a burglar and theft or giving bribe and sometimes they walked on the road of gambling in which they become a gambler and spoil their own life and also bring the life of the family in a danger.

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