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Good evening to one and all present here, today I am here to speak few words based on the children who have been an edict to the illegal drugs abuse which is the serious issues in the today’s generation.

What Do You Mean By The Drug Abuse?


The habitual taking of the illegal drugs is known as the Drug Abuse, this habit is very dangerous to the health of the person injecting the drugs by the use of the injection if there is the overdose than there may cause to the death of the person, if a person once start taking the drugs than there is no way to come out of this problem so the daily intake will adversely affect the brain.

Factors Causing Drug Abuse

Some of the factors which are causing the involvement of the drug for the person are as follows.

    Environmental Factors

The person living in the bad company people, their status, friends, professional life also affect the person behavior top change. The environmental changes also change personal behavior.

    Biological Factors

This also caused due to the biological factors such as if the child parents are involved in that then there is habitat sometimes that children may also fall in the same drugs abuse.

    Age Factor

We should have the self-control, judgment in our life if we are in the bad involvement then we should cut off their friendship other than that we should not intake the habit, this can cause in any of the age as the teenager is more prone to drug abuse.

Reasons For Drug Abuse

   Problems Of Relation And The Family

There are many problems in the family and the relationship of the person, so due to all this frustration the person sometimes edict in some of the illegal intake like the drugs, alcohol and many more, youngsters particularly intake the drugs due to the relationship problem by way of the drug abuse.

   Work Pressure

The pressure in work and the school colleges study pressure, or due to the competition, the students get into the part of the drugs.

    Feeling Alone 

If the child has no support of the parents or his parents are lost then this will make the child fall in the bad company due to which he don’t know the right and wrong, so he is abuse to the drug.

Ways To Cure The Drugs Intake

  1. Expert Guidance

If the person wants to leave the drugs intake, then he should take the perfect guidance with the help of the proper medication to come out from this problem. There are some of the people also joins the rehabilitation center to cure the drugs problem.

  1. Do Well Exercise

To take out the habit of the drugs the person should have the patience in him to become healthy from mentally and physically, it will take many problems to live this habit, but if we have the dare, then this will leave your body.

I am thanking you.

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Updated: January 31, 2019 — 8:12 am

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