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A pleasant morning to one and all present here today I am here to speak a few words based on my special topic which is related to the agricultural field is the “Baisakhi.”

Birth Of This Festival

This festival is the pride for the Punjabi people, and the smell is spread through all the state in India.

This day is celebrated for the harvesting of the Rabi crops; this day comes once in the 36 years in April between 13 to 14.

All the people enjoy this day more than the Diwali festivals; this day is celebrated in the honor because on this day only the guru of the Sikhs people that is the Guru Gobind Singh laid down the Khalsa Panth Foundation so this day is celebrated in a prominent manner by this people.

The people of Punjab have some of the important rituals on this day, they wake early in the morning for the preparation on this day, then they do not bath in the house they go in the scared rivers as per their rituals mostly farmer visit the gurudwara for thanking the god for the good crops in the years, they prepared the Kara Prasad for the god and all the people are also given the same.

Programs On This Day

Many of the events are celebrated on this day for the enjoyment purpose of the Sikh communities remove the long parade in the road, in this parade there are men, women and the children in which the children perform the devotional songs for the god, the parade is very colorful, people through the rally were the colorful clothes and then they start dancing and singing all the time throughout the rally, and all the participants get festive meals for eating.

All the meal are made in the iron vessel, to feel the brotherhood and to make the family feel the togetherness of the happiness the Amrit is swearing five times by the people.

Many types of the keertans and the bhajan are sung by all the devotees; the entire things look so overwhelming that this can’t imagine, there are thousands of the devotees assemble in the prayer of the guru.

This look very awesome rituals of their dance such as the Bhangra, Gida is there dance performance by the people of the Sikh, they dance very energetically in the voice of their dhol.

Enjoyment On This Day

Before 1 day of the Baisakhi and in the day of the Baisakhi the people purchase various things food stalls and the shop selling trinkets are there in the Baisakhi meals in which there is very enjoyment there is the performance of the folk instruments like the Vanjli and Algoza are quite popular on this day, many of the attraction such as the Baisakhi fairs which attract the children towards them.

And most important is that the Baisakhi is celebrated on the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

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Updated: January 29, 2019 — 2:17 pm

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