Essay On Small Acts Of Kindness Make A Big Difference For Students & Children


The act of kindness can make a big difference is and which means that doing kind things is very good which can bring out various bigger output which will make your life very beautiful.

It is seen that if you show kindness towards any person or an individual that person will also show kindness towards you this is the Silver rule which means the way you behave the person, the person will have the same behavior among you.

There are various acts of kindness in which you have anyone, and also you share something which is not important to you but is important for the person you give and it is in value for that person.

Sometimes kindness is like the politeness to another person as he feels comfortable with you when your kind. It is very important to do various acts of kindness it is not only important for the person who is you being kind but it also very good for yourself as we create and the good impression of yourself on another person whom which you are kind.

It was saying that people use to very kind in the earlier time and day never used to say false or bad thing to anyone and they always used to be kind which made their head life very much happy but nowadays it is saying that people always do not say the truth and also use very bad language and mostly they never show kindness towards anyone.


There are various acts of kindness which be done by an individual suggest greeting can person that is greeting good morning or goodnight or wishing him very good wishes for his work.

Sometimes the people say it has been very good to meet you which play a vital role in developing a kindness towards the person whom you are meeting and making an environment of kindness between each other.

There are also various methods of being kind to each other but the important is you should be polite to each other and should not use any bad word while communicating and you also should focus on your body language while you are talking as sometimes moving your body and doing dance actions while talking shows that you are not kind to the person and you are just doing timepass while talking to the person.

There is also some type of kindness when you give some gift or treat to a person for his work when a person works very hard or become loyal to you, you give them a special thanks and sometimes rewards for being such a nice person.


There are various stories which show that small cure act of kindness can make a huge difference. There is also various Fairy Tail in which people stay kind to any creature or any human being and at night the come as a God and help that person.

One of the famous stories is the story of a crane and a tailor.  In which the tailor help the crane in a problem and after which the crane comes in the form of the girl in the house of the tailor and helps him in sewing the clothes and helping the tailor.

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